Monday, October 24, 2011

On Jonker88's ABC

So there's this one shop in Jonker Street where people from near and afar would be visiting merely because it's, well I also don't know why. Maybe it's because they serve nice durian ABC. Or maybe because it's nicer compared to the other shops in the street.

One friend of mine said the ABC served here smells very much nicer. I wouldn't doubt that. They are indeed, very generous in the quantity of Malaccan sugar they add into their dessert. So more often than not, you get long queues lining up outside the store.

I suppose I was lucky enough the last time I went as we got a decent seat inside the shop. Maybe because it was a weekday? Or maybe because it wasn't a school holiday. Durian ABC that time was a huge bowl, and you could literally see the mountain of ice towering higher than the brim of the bowl.

2 years later, when I visit the shop again with another group of friends, the portion of ABC seemed smaller. I thought it was just my hunch. But what can I say, photo as proofs are unquestionable.

But then, people still flock the shop for their share of ABC. We had to wait with the tray of ABC for tables for about 15 minutes or so before we finally got to sit down.

Apart from the dessert, in our last visit, we also tried out their curry noodle and laksa, to which I thought was just so so. Then again, I'm always biased to my Sarawak Laksa being the best. :D And there was also some lok-lok.

Aaaanyways. I'm not a food critic. Like how my brother puts it, I'm practically eating anything edible. So... yeah. I'd go again if there's chance. But if I got bored waiting, I'd rather go to other shops for equally nice stuff. To me. LOL

By the way, in case you haven't known, ABC is a local dessert, some crushed ice with some toppings i.e. nuts and corns and etc. and some syrups.

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[SK] said...

what's so special about the ABC?? well, if i'm gonna wait for something not must-have, i'd rather go elsewhere..

Small Kucing said...

have saw this shop before but never been in it coz always long queue

Koala Express said...


Gratitude said...

Cheh, and you were not even the one who lined up and held the tray for 15mins whilst waiting for a table! :p

TZ said...

Oops... i heard some compliant... :p