Tuesday, July 12, 2011

On the Free Movie for 2

Long overdue post again.

About a month back, was listening to Fly.FM while driving, and they were giving out free movie tickets for 2 complimentary of 20th Century Fox Film for the movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Roderick Rules. But I was reaching my destination, and missed out the cue to text. I already keyed in all the keywords and number, just waiting for the cue. And due to the unavailable signal, I decided to just let it go.

10 minutes later, I think I must've sent the message when I switched on my phone or something.

Apparently, 5 minutes later, Hafiz and Prem from the radio station called.

I just nailed the tickets! Wooo-hoooo!~

So the procedures would be that they'd call me back later to confirm some information before I could go some place to collect the voucher or tickets, whichever form it comes in. I've never won any movie ticket before, so I had no idea what it would be.

Hafiz called about 20 minutes later, confirming my home address, and he mumbled something I couldn't make out. I thought somebody would be calling again to for a confirmation. That's what happened when I won the VIP pass to their Christmas Flyclubaccess party last year, the confirmation call came 2 days later... So I waited.

The day ended. And the next day, I was waiting again. Still nothing... And finally, after 3 days waiting... I gave up. It was just 2 tickets to the movies anyways.

But lo and behold. A week after, Mum said there was a registered post for me.

And the envelope had a Fly.FM logo on it.

I knew exactly what it was before I even opened it. So that was why Hafiz asked for my home address... LOL

Awesomeness. Gave the tickets to Mum and Dad, and I purchased one for myself. Not sure if they liked it. They're not really fans of English movies. Dad loves action-packed movies. Mum's into something more... I don't know really. LOL.

Anyways... It's still awesome. LOL. The free tickets I mean. Thanks Fly.FM!

ps: Mum and Dad had a great laugh in the cinema. They actually thought it was not bad. ;)

4 Jujus:

Tempus said...

BEEP NESS You know how many times I've tried and not HIT?

Owh well, I guess buying the tickets is much more fun than winning them. Less hassles too.

reanaclaire said...

wow.. congrats! I always heard of people winning tickets on the radio.. but never won any myself.. ! :)

[SK] said...

waaaaah, so good woh!! :D

Twilight Man said...

Awww! What a good son you are! Muacks!