Wednesday, June 08, 2011

On What to Eat in Malacca

What to eat in Malacca: whatever edible. There are so many nice foods around in town, seriously!

The famous nice ones will always leave you queuing and waiting, for God knows how long. For all you know, by the time the queue reaches you, the food you've been queuing for has already finished. Take for instance, the Chicken Rice Ball by the bridge. Many would've known that it's the nicer one as compared to the red coloured lavish shop in the middle of Jonker Street, and that leads to the long queue on weekends and public holidays. But I beg to differ. The steam chicken tasted just like any other place's, and the rice, albeit in balls, are oily.

Then, there's the other Nyonya shop at the back of Jonker, Donald and Lily, nicely tucked away with a small entrance, serving what was deemed to be the nicest Nyonya food. Again, I beg to differ; it's not like that's the only Nyonya food shop around. It's hot, it's crowded and service was bad. The fan wasn't even helping the airflow inside the wooden shop.

And then, there was the so ever famous satay celup. I just don't see what's nice about dipping food on sticks into a bowl of gravvy, which was shared by all the previous customers sitting on the same table. God knows what kind of bacteria he/she harbors....

Then, the first original miller crepe in the country. Yes agreed, it's nice. I wouldn't deny. But to love it to the extent of driving all the way from KL for it? And I overheard a few customers making ridiculous remarks. "Didn't have Chicken rice ball just now, so now must have this cake. Otherwise coming here is meaningless." Like, what the?

It's a UNESCO Heritage for Christ's sake. People are here for the heritage, yes food being part of it. But it's not like your trip should be entirely about the food, right? You should be here to appreciate the buildings, the culture and the lifestyle. The many museums are enough to keep you occupied for the rest of the 2 days you're here; although I have no idea why there should be a museum on youths? But that aside, the row of old shop-houses, they're fascinating! The carvings and colours... The...hmm... yeah food.

But of course, after being to the place for so many times, foods are indeed, one of the main agenda. LMAO. I've definitely tried the chicken rice ball as well as the crepe cake many times, Donald and Lily's and satay celup once.

We went to Coconut house before too, the thin crust pizza was exceptional.

Then, there was another Nyonya food shop called Makko. Further down GSC if you come from the mall's direction.

And Calanthe's Art Cafe was recommended in Lonely Planet.

So you see, Malacca is not just about chicken rice balls and crepe cakes... D-oh...

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savante said...

Ah you missed the famous beef noodles! And the otak otak!

Danny said...

hmmm .. really craving for some nyonya food now...;P~

doc said...

so, if you don't like satay celup & nyonya food, & if you're not into history, i suppose you won't visit melaka?

Twilight said...

I never get tired of visiting all the antique shops! Now some shops have asked me to sell Grandma's stuffs to them instead!

Tempus said...

omg malacca is like all about food la okay. been there multiple occasions just to KNOW the history. Chinese society trip, primary one day trip, scout EXPEDITION. I think after all the school activities, its time to hit on the road for yummies~

but then again, the nyonya stores I've got to go. Even my japanese teacher know of their existence while I just "HAH?Nani?" in the class.

Satay celup... subang also got I think.

[SK] said...

yeah, i guess all those are compulsory right?? chicken rice ball, satay celup, nyonya and portugese.. ooh, and the new entrants, mille crepe~~