Friday, July 16, 2010

On the Little Girl

One day, Sis came back from outing holding one of those Chinese magazines in her hand. She cheerfully showed me the cover of the magazine.

Sis: Look!

Me: Who the heck is that?

Sis: Chen Qiao En. She's like a teenage model in Taiwan.

Then she went over to the shelf and took out some more magazine.

Sis: See see!

Me: *speechless*

Sis: This one is the best. My friend went to Taiwan get this purposely for my birthday. So cute!

Me: My GOD! You're one of those little girls who likes all these fake actors!

Sis: She's not! She's quite good one. And pretty. And I like her writings.

Me: Whatever. You're still like one of those little girls.

Sis: I'm still little wat.

Me: *swt*

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passerby said...

A re-post! haha.