Friday, May 07, 2010

On the Itchy Elbow

It started not long ago, I started to scratch my elbow while I was still in the ward. The elbow just seemed so itchy that, the more I scratched, the more itchy it became. So upon returning back to the room, took off my shirt and walah, a whole patch of excoriating lesion. And it still itched the hell out of me. T.T

I'd thought it's probably just some eczema. I have been suffering from that since long time ago. Been having it over my nose ridge and my cheeks, although I think the big flakes from my scalp are actually seborrhoeic dermatitis instead.

So I didn't quite mind about it and the itch persisted for a few more days! It was very annoying, because whenever I wore my long sleeve shirt, I'd start scratching. It might've been triggered by the material of the shirt, but I've been wearing those shirts for ages, and I never had any problem with them, unless the laundry lady used a new soap. (@.@)

I consulted some of my colleagues, wouldn't want to go to the dermatologist straight away although it's okay to do so, I think, and I got a reassurance it's most probably eczema. It was quite a relieve, just need to apply some topical steroids for symptomatic relieve.

But I just couldn't shake the thought that it looked so much like psoriasis!

4 Jujus:

smallkucing said...

ouch....i tot put some cream would be okay

William said...

Skin disease is pretty hard to diagnose correctly. Pretty much looks the same. :S

the happy go lucky one said...

yeah just apply some steroid cream will do, and pls stop scratching as it only will make it worse :P

Gratitude said...

You're on steroids?