Monday, May 03, 2010

On the Burnt Chargers

Alrightey, here's a recount to what I meant when I said the phone burnt off 3 chargers, which led me into wanting to purchase a new unit.

1st charger ( the original) : Apparently, 3 weekends ago, when I wanted to charge the phone, I plugged in the charger as usual and connected it to the phone. But somehow, the phone just wouldn't charge. I tried to use another socket in the room, and the same thing happened too. So I figured the problem was with the socket and not my charger, thinking that there was once when I couldn't charge the phone at some point, but the otherwise a few hours later.

But when I tried again with another socket it my room, phone wasn't charging still. Very frustrating indeed! Was literally pulling my hair because I was so frustrated. Phone was really running out of battery, and Mum would go paranoid if she couldn't reach me, despite me telling her something's wrong with my phone charging.

2nd charger: So I went over to a Sunway Giza and get a charger. It was charging well at the shop when I asked the salesperson to demonstrate for me. Fine. So I purchased a new charger for 15 bucks.

But when I went back to my room to charge, LED light was not lightened. I tried the same charger with another socket, same problem. WTF!? But at least I managed to charge for about 15 minutes, my phone was about full bar.

3rd charger: The next day, I went to Digital Mall. Samsung stall salesperson said the charger I bought the previous day was lousy, and I was cheated as well! So I got myself another charger. I saw with my own eyes that it was charging well in the shop. So I trotted away happily to a kopitiam to get the phone charged. But as I needed to head over to The Curve to meet a friend, I stopped the charging and left, thinking I probably will find another place with a socket in the later mall.

Indeed, I found myself seated in one of the F&B, charging the phone. But... LED wasn't lighted AGAIN!!! I thought it was their socket problem, but I literally tried all the sockets they have, like a crazy man in the shop, and none of them worked. Imagine the frustration at that moment.

4th charger: I headed over to e@Curve and found myself another Samsung stall, and complained to the salesperson. No puns intended. But yeah, I was pretty mad at that moment. Was querying whether it was my phone or the battery. Salesperson was kind enough to lend me his charger and asked me to go have a walk and go back 15 minutes later.

I obliged. And 15 minutes later, phone was fully charged!

Apparently, salesperson told me the problem could be everything. Phone battery is old, hence requiring a stable source of electricity. But apparently, it's fluctuating in the country, especially when I'm charging on an extension instead of a main socket, which explained why the phone burnt off 3 previous chargers.

I was contemplating whether it was time to get a new phone. Partly because Mum suggested I should. She's a bit paranoid, since she'd be thinking all sorts of morbid possibilities, i.e. phone exploding while I was talking and I become deaf. -.-

2 weeks after those chargers-burning incident, I found my phone working quite well, despite the battery runs low quite fast. But still, it lasted for a day on end, which was about the same duration of 'lifespan' as before.

Nonetheless, I was attracted to the mobile fest in Sunway Giza over last weekend, which saw me purchasing an iPhone. Weee!~

Now now, who wants a 2nd hand phone? LOL

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William said...

iPhone! You're quicker than TZ?

[SK] said...

since mum is encouraging you a new phone, then go get a brand new iPhone!! :p

Chris said...

Seems like everybody is using iphone now.


wow, good for u~

reanaclaire said...

if i were u, i get one! mummy paying, right?

TZ said...

I'm getting my Digi iPhone soon... How soon? Eeeeeee....

smallkucing said...

I read in another blog that someone had burnt 3 chargers too. Better get a new phone

Medie007 said...

William, when did i ever mentioned i'm getting an iPhone? I don't like iPhone, i anti! :P

SK, dowan iPhone. don like don like! :P

Chris, not everybody. just majority, still got iPhone resistant ppl like me. :P

L2, ok ok lor. :P

Medie007 said...

reanaclaire, mummy's money also hard earn one... cannot simple spend mar...

TZ, tomorrow soon! don't defer. the long u defer the more unlikely u'll get it. :P

smallkuching, ooooh. but counting my blessing it doesn't blow up lor. :P

Lucas said...

Iphone... oh noes... grindr-licious

sigh... wish I had one too :|