Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On the Garden Dinner Turned Wet

We headed to an out door podium for a dinner one night, it's located far far away from the metropolitan city of Kuala Lumpur which allowed us to see a pitched black sky with lots of stars. It was a BBQ-themed dinner apparently, with the chef BBQ-ing some meats on a big pit. The fire was fierce, but the out come looked splendid.

In fact, we totally loved the place. Ambience was 5 star. We were seated at a corner next to a walkway, but isolated enough that it's not a big walkway where people will walk up and down. There was a candle lighted up on the middle of the table, with some fresh flowers placed around the small candle holder.

The dessert bar was just located right next to us in fact. Lots of cakes and fruits. But having said that, I'm usually not the type of person to attack the dessert in a buffet. However, the cakes and other assortments served that night looked pretty inviting. Either I'm really hungry or the ambience of the whole outdoor restaurant enhanced the whole view of the dessert podium.

But things turned ugly when we felt a few drops of rain. Some started panicking and lifted their plate of food to head towards the covered restaurant a stone's throw away. I too, stood up and headed to the covered desert podium.

Rest assured, it was a brief warning. Somehow it stopped raining just 10 seconds after that. And we headed to our seats.

But just as I was to poke into my food, all of us felt more rain. I stood up again and walked over to the dessert bar. Some were confident that it was just another small shower before it stopped. And they were right when it stopped after 10 seconds.

As I was to sit down again, I felt another drop of rain. What the? I went over to the dessert podium again. But this time round, it didn't seem like it was going to stop raining. Indeed, my conscience was right as a heavier downpour came down. It certainly didn't look like it was goind to stop raining after we stood there for about 30 seconds or so.

So we decided to ran over towards the restaurant. Food were left on top of our nicely decorated table, much to our regret really, because at least we would have something to munch should we carry our food together with us.

After about 30 minutes of waiting, we were finally ushered to another restaurant next to the hotel lobby to continue our dinner.

Food was somewhat still acceptable. Although it was not quite a nice dinner as how we had expected, we still had a pretty good time bitching amongst ourselves about the old caucasian man with a young chubby lady and her 4 years old son; is she a hooker mama? LOLs.

5 Jujus:

[SK] said...

aiyoh, such a nice garden dinner spoilt by the rain.. never mind lah, at least the food looks good to me (in the photo)~~

Gratitude said...

ambience looked much better than Yuen! ;)

TZ said...

hahaha... way way better then YUEN from the picture. Too bad Medie don't have the chance to enjoy the environment...

Hmmm... maybe someone were dancing to plead for rains somewhere in Malaysia. Anyone actually did that?

carpe diem said...

May I know where this place is? Very nice place.

smallkucing said...

where is that place leh? Food looks delicious