Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On How the Eye Bags Form

Sorry this took a while, but I only managed to look up into it after a while. So, in reply to what all of you have been disgusted of my post about my eye-bags, here's what I've come up about how it form.

Eye bags
are caused by fluids which are being trapped in the tissues located under the eyes. So, the eyes' puffiest moments are upon waking up. This happens because the fluids, while you were sleeping, have settled in the eye area.

Having said that, there are a few causes as to why eye bags form.

  • Experts claimed that it happens especially to those who drink too much water or liquid or have eaten salty foods before bedtime. Swelling around the eyes usually diminishes a few hours after the fluids have been re-absorbed by the body.
  • As we age, our skin around the eyes become thinner and loses its elasticity before causing the underlying fat around the eyes bulges out, resulting to what we call eye bags.

  • Apparently, hormonal changes play a role too. Most women develop eye bags especially during their menstrual visits. The basis of it could probably be due to fluid retention as well.

  • Other miscellaneous causes include allergy, smoking, stress and hereditary.
In contrary to that, there was another website that begged to differ. According to that web site, a research conducted in UCLA, California has revealed the skin doesn't lose its elasticity but rather because there is more fat depositions below the eye as we age. These increasing accumulation o fat burdened the skin around the area, with the fundamental principals that everything heavy goes down because of gravity, these depositions gave the appearance of the eye bag formation.

But then again, having said all that, no, I don't know who to believe. Apparently, most of the authors of all these websites are pretty much housewives who took into interest about dark circles and eye bags and they did some research themselves and came up with all these facts. There are some logic to it, although it's pretty contradictory in some ways. And I can't seem to find anything in my textbooks. Maybe the plastic surgeons would've known something about it.

And speaking of that, the dermatologist that I tagged a few weeks ago, treated a patient seemingly having this eye-bag appearance under the eye with some acid, necrosing them tissues and let them shed off after that. He denied it's actually due to cholesterol depositions as to what the research from UCLA mentioned. But no one actually had any scientific explanation as to why there were eye bags from sleep deprivation.

Therefore, I hold no responsibility to all these information I copied and rephrased from the internet. LOL.

Most of all these cosmetics-laden websites about eye bags would mention about surgical methods to remove the eye-bags. But of course there were some creams or what nots that you could apply over the lower region of the eyes so that you could reduce those swellings. But as to how true they are, I have total no idea.

I'd prefer to have adequate sleep. It after all keeps me fresh the next day.

But as to why we have dark circles, again, those cosmetics-products-promoting website mentioned scientifically it's due to leaky capillaries. Just like bruises. Don't know why, don't know how, don't bother as well. LOL.

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Lucas said...

insightful stuff... but ur right, none one why sleeping less gives u eye bags... could it be because of the increased body stress level due to sleeping less?

Medie007 said...

stress is a very mysterious stuff. it affects a lot to our body, not confined to any system. just like how anxiety do. it's not surprising if eye bag is also one of the manifestation, i mean, who would actually do any thorough research just on eye bags formation right? it doens't pose any harm or what nots. money are better spent on developing new methods to cure cancers or hiv. :P

Chris said...

i have a serious eye bags n dark circle too.. how do i get rid of it?

Medie007 said...

haha Chris, you asked the wrong person. I've got the same problem too. LOL


hmm, maybe use some ginger and rub against the dark circle will do?

smallkucing said...

how to get rid of the dark circle ah?

William said...

Unfortunately, there is no magic eye cream.

manglish said...

ehh they said hor use tea bag can get rid of it wor..true or not har?

Twilight said...

Did you notice that Michi had terrible eye bags when she lacked of sleep? When she had adequate sleep, the eye bags were still there but slightly lesser. When I went to Korea, I bought the latest botox stuffs that came in cream formulae instead of injection. It works by feeding the skin cells and it worked!! All her decades of eye bags had gone! So was my wallet! LOL