Sunday, March 21, 2010

On Hang Yee Chicken Rice, Klang

For a chicken rice to be considered nice, one of the most important determinant factors lie in the chicken rice. As how +Ant+ put it, anyone can steam the chicken, but not everyone can come up with a delicious bowl of chicken rice.

Apparently, this modest chicken rice stall in Klang Market opposite the new mosque by the river, called Hang Yee Chicken Rice, serves one of the best chicken rice I've ever tasted. It's simple delicious.

The chicken rice was soft and distinct, with a very strong aroma of chicken stock, it's simply irresistible. It was no wonder that we had a second serving of the chicken rice. The rice alone went well with thick soya sauce, even without the chicken.

But then again, it wouldn't be complete without the steamed chicken. Hang Yee's chicken apparently steamed to the fit all those taste buds well. It was tender and juicy, yet not under-cooked. Yummy~~~

Head over to this modest stall if you're looking for something out of the planet. This comes from me, and I guarantee you'll love it. Having said that, you might need to line up in a very long queue for the chicken rice. LOL.

You might need to find your way around, I also don't know how to exactly get there, considering the traffic in Klang is kinda confusing. :) Happy eating!

5 Jujus:

TZ said...

So when are you planning to go for the Chicken Rice again? I wanna to go makan too :p

reanaclaire said...

wow.. the chicken looks very succulent!

Little Dove said...

GPS coordinates? ;p

[SK] said...

yeah, i can normally just eat the chicken rice on its own without the chicken.. but why no photo of the rice??

Gratitude said...

I'll be the official tour guide, but with a fee, of course! lolz