Saturday, March 06, 2010

On the Alternative

I just found out that should we want to practice overseas, we just write an email and apply! And that applies to internship in Taiwan as well! Woot!~ Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan!


Just that, in Taiwan, everything is in Mandarin. Including the history clerking. And we studied in English. Phuh. Nonetheless, I think I could cope. I think.

Just that...

It's a one way ticket out. T.T

No coming back as junior doctors.

4 Jujus:

smallkucing said...

You going to Taiwan? All the best to you on your journey :D

Evann said...

Take the chance and don't look back! =)

Medie007 said...

smallkucing, i went jor... came back dy. :P

evann, i would, if i could... :P

ckw said...

haha wouldnt be able to cope for my case