Friday, March 19, 2010

On 1 Year Old Parking Compound

Well, it seemed like Malacca Municipal Council really did their job.

Apparently, 1 year back when I went to Malacca with a bunch of friends for the Christmas countdown party in the Portugese Village, we stayed overnight in a friend's place and only came back on Christmas day itself. So, on Christmas day, I parked my car at the New Newton place just opposite Dataran Pahlawan new mall or something, or at least I thought it was there, and we headed to the mall and hung out for a few hours. Note: the miller crepe cake was NICEEE!

Anyways, upon coming out from the mall, I actually got a parking coupon. I mean, like, WTH? It's a PUBLIC HOLIDAY!

Somehow, I think I must've ignored the parking coupon. CH said nothing would happen, since my car was a registered under a Selangor plate and I'm not even from Malacca, they wouldn't be able to summon me anyways.

Who would've known...

One day about 2 years later, Mummy called.

Mum: You've got a summon from Melaka. You been there? You're fined 50 bucks, if you don't pay you'll need to go to court. How come I never know you were there?

It took me a while to recall the incident. But luckily I told him about my trip to the Portugese Village, and it wasn't actually one of those trips that I never told her about. LOL.

Anyways, Mum finally sent a cheque and settled the fine.

Well, the shocking news would probably be that the Malacca Municipal Council traced back all the way to Selangor JPJ and found out about our home address all the way across the South China Sea, and sent the warning letter via post.


People of Malacca, be damn proud man! LMAO. Apparently your Municipal Council do their work! LOL. Don't play play ah!

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[SK] said...

haha, not a surprise they can trace, once registered with JPJ then you're there.. sure they've got ways to track you~~

and oh.. didn't mum scold you for driving to malacca without her?? :p

William said...

Took them one year. It would difficult for anyone to recall details.

Medie007 said...

SK, nope... mum did a lot of interrogation though. :P who were you with? LOL.

William, it was! but luckily i managed to recall. I didn't drive long distance that much anyways. LOL

manglish said...

opps kena tangkap curi2 go to melaka hahahahha

Gratitude said...

No need to pay fine la, not until they issue waran tangkap. lolz

TZ said...

hahaha... he already got tangkap waran from mama... ;p

Paul Figaro J said...

ahahahha...the only day parking in melaka is FOC is raya, chinese new year, deepavali and national day...that's it...

deeperanddeeper said...

can't you manja your way out?