Friday, February 05, 2010

On the Life Partner

Had a good laugh with one of my brothers during supper not long ago. He was questioning over whatever had happened to the girl that I said I was dating last year. Apparently, I myself got confused as to which girl he was referring to, because, well... I guess I dated too many girls. *sobs - the confession of a playboy*

But anyways, he was saying I'd prolly need someone with similar background. And he only has one person amongst my batch who fits in perfectly. Someone who can go wild, yet reserved when needed.

I tilted one of my eye brows.

"You need someone like you. Appear to look like some English-ed brat, yet still have some conservative Chinese values in yourself. Like S, she's English-ed, but she isn't a Chinese anymore."

I stared at him, with pursed lips.

"Then hor, you could go clubbing, so you need those kind of clubbing girl. But then again, not someone who clubs so much. That when you wanna be your religious self, you have someone to go to temple together with you. So those really Cheena girls aren't actually suitable because they don't even go to clubs!"

I smirked.

"And you yourself know who I'm talking of. She's the only person for you. How come you never consider of her?"

"I did."

"Then? What's stopping you?"

"It's awkward when we're together. Alone. Like when we were in the car going somewhere."

"Isn't that a good sign?"

I raised my eyebrow again.

"That means you're not yourself. Your heart's actually palpitating, and you feel adrenaline rushing."

"Oh don't bullshit."

"You're blushing!"

Now I really wonder, he's single as well, why is he all so worried about me not having a girlfriend when he himself doesn't have one? LOLs

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K said...

Hot Hot Hot ! Time to bed, nite!

Gratitude said...

he's checking you out? :P

[SK] said...

haha, well, that's interesting conversation.. just treat that as an unharmful chat lor.. :p

Little Dove said...


the happy go lucky one said...

the doc need to do more procedures on his patient to determine the most accurate diagnosis :p

Medie007 said...

K, hot??? what is hot?

Gratitude, puh-leaze!!! Nooooo...

SK, hahahah it is an unharmful chat lah. i'm not actually bothered by that. LOLs

Medie007 said...

Dovey, why speechless? LOLS

Happy, yeah lor yeah lor. u wanna let me practice on u not? :P

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