Saturday, January 09, 2010

On a Mens Brooch

Excited excited excited! LMAO. The annual college night dubed to be similar to prom night like what most of the American colleges or high schools have is just around the corner. Not exactly sure when, but I think it's sometime late Jan or early Feb. Yeah I'm THAT ignorant. My only erm, connections to a talk regarding the night was when my friend asked me if I wanted to join their table as they had an extra seat.

See, whoever wanted to go, had to gather a group of 10 and make a reservation for a table. But then again, in order to get a reservation, the list of 10 attending people needed to be submitted. It's not compulsory, but then, RM100 was already deducted from our accounts earlier this semester. And another RM30 needed would be deducted when we confirm our attendance. But, should we decide not to go, we won't get the RM100 returned. So, like it or not, it's like we were forced to go. It's actually some award night, junks and certs would be given out to those who contributed in the hostel. Something like an appreciation night if you want to think about it that way. But then again, it's not like I contributed anything also. I got back from Klang and am just a parasite in my hostel anyways.

Rag&Bone Brooch3

But since I'll be going anyhow, I've already mixed and match as to what I wanted to wear that night. What I heard, it was in Putrajaya, the convention centre or the hotel, I'm not so sure. But from what I saw in those who attended before, it was like a get together and students enjoying themselves in some high end fine dining with lots of camwhoring.

See, what interest me now is... Mens brooch. LMAO.
Magnificent Horse PinSterling Silver, 14K Yellow or White Gold 11.50X26.00 MM Polished Crying Eagle Lapel Pin

I mean, it's fast becoming the new mens fashion. I mean, let's not see Adam Lambert as the one who performed an exlicit act on stage, but the brooch on his blazer.

I mean... Well if you know what I mean. :P I'm thinking of something with black feathers.

E4163  Rhinestone Feather Brooch / Pin Black Vintage Style-feather,brooch,pin,applique,

Or... something of feather design embedded with diamonds. Fake diamonds. >.<


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[SK] said...

the black feather one would be nice.. i have one, but can't remember where i've kept it.. :p

savante said...

You can make your own distinctive brooch :)

the happy go lucky one said...

im really outdated and no-sense of fashion at all hahaaa... i didn even bother to scratch my head on what i would wear during my uni time :P

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

Nice brooches.I love unique ones.
My whole family is in love with Adam Lambert! Ok , just my eldest daughter and

Bet you look great in one.Find one that suits what you are wearing that evening. Brooch is suppose to ENHANCE the look and give it YOU "THE LOOK" ! Remember to have a great time.


Danny said...

i think it will be cool if u have a metal brooch in feather shape.. cos i think the brooch with real feather a bit ' over' to wear off stage..;p
i got lots of OVERly designed brooch.. mau pinjam? ;p

Bravebear said...

'ganas'.... Never came to my head of putting on brooches... lol...

Medie007 said...

[SK], hahahahha. go find! so that i can pinjam! LOL

Savante, lazy to make one of my own lah. lol

happy, it's okay. no worries. lol. no one will penalize you even if you wear a t-shirt and a broad shorts to the prom night. wakakakkaka.

Medie007 said...

Shakira, not a fan of adam bluek. hahahahha but not really a fan of kris either. but i LOVEEEEE jordin! hehehehehehe shall try to find some nice brooch. kekeke

Danny my savior! Pinjam pinjam! hahahhahaha mau mau!

bravebear, ganas??? why is wearing brooches ganas?? hmmm

Rose Belle said...

Nah, I think a feather brooch on a jacket lapel is just too eye catchy. Perhaps a simpler one is better like in gold in silver. Actually a nice suit and tie is good enough, no need accessories.

日月神教-任我行 said...