Monday, December 14, 2009

On the Dental Checkup

I've been having some problem with my teeth for the past few weeks when there were lots of bleeding whenever I brush my teeth. My friends said it's probably because I have some infections of the gum. And I was wondering why was it so as I've been very hardworking in brushing my teeth. But according to my friends, they also experienced it before, and they managed to solve it after a visit to the dentist.

So one weekend, I decided to head down to the dentist as well. I'm never a fan of dentist really. I don't know why but the thought of them looking into my mouth and all those zzzzzing stuff.... I think it's creepy whenever there were shots of numbness once they hit the nerves.

It turned out that the visit to the dentist wasn't that bad after all. The dentist was an old guy, graduated from Singapore apparently. He was pretty good in educating me and telling me as to why I got that bleeding. My friends were right that I've got inflamed gums due to infections. Apparently, I must've overlooked the tiny bits of food that got stucked in between the angle of my tooth and my gums which causes inflammation, and subsequenly bleeding. So he did some scalling and cleaning and gave me a mouthwash.

Upon payment, the nurse was such a good promoter.

"We've got this toothbrush, it's up to you to buy. It's electric one, you can charge it and brush it. It's very good. It brushes all the corner that the normal toothbrush cannot reach. And then also those spaces between your teeth, even at the back of your mouth. Outside sold at 150bucks, but we only sell at 110. It's up to you whether you want or not, but if you use it, I guarantee your teeth will be very *thumbs up*"

I opened up my wallet, and did some mental calculation. Bugger I just withdrew RM200 from the ATM machine earlier and I never knew scalling would caused so much... But for the sake of my teeth hygiene, I agreed somehow.

And then she continued "We also sell this toothpaste. You don't use any of those toothpaste outside, and use this one. This one promotes good gum health. You won't get bleeding gums anymore. Because your gums quite sensitive, can easily get infections one. So if you get this, I guarantee your teeth will be very healthy."

And I asked, "How much is it?"

"Only RM10. Very cheap we sell."

"Oklah oklah."

So in the end, my visit to the dentist cost me Rm200. Sobs. But for the sake of my teeth... I guess I shouldn't be too particular about money. I definitely don't want any problems with my teeth considering I've always felt they're, shaky...

But subsequently, I was also given a toothbrush (which I think was unneccesary since she recommended that I use the electric toothbrush), 4 small Colgate toothpaste (which was also unnecessary because she just promoted that I use the Oral-B gum care toothpaste), a small bottle of mouthwash (which, again, was unecessary since I bought their 15 bucks mouthwash) and a satin floss (which I don't even know how to use!).

Call me a looser if you like.

Anton asked me not to tell anyone because I had just been conned by a colleague of different field. *swt*

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manglish said...

AHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAHHAAAHHAHAA.....ask pikey, he will teach u how to use the satin floss

TZ said...

I think i need to go to see the dentist too... Place this in my Twenty Twelve list :p

Bravebear said...

never thought of using those electric ones. hmmm...


hmmm~ i think our teeth is very important... it will affect our facial shape. Clean ur mouth and drink milk more often then~

Or find someone to kiss u more :P

Ed said...

is the dentist handsomely gay? :P

Evann said...

Oral hygiene is of utmost priority! You don't know how to use a floss? Wow, I floss at least 3 times a day; just for the fun of it, and not that I'm OCD. Heheh.

But wow, it seems as though it's pretty easy to sell you things. :D

[SK] said...

hahaha, maybe too much of PRAWNS and OYSTERS?? :p

nicky05 said...

teeth is the important asset you have... so take care of your teeth...hehehe..XD

CH Voon said...

u should go to puchong one... there is a girl dentist - look nice and pretty... but i dont know she available or not.

har the electric xxx cost only rm10 so damn cheap! but not good one.. i prefer the old fashion one

like that i need go to see beautiful dentist soon... need to make an appointment too.

Gratitude said...

Wow, you've got a new set of shiny teeth, and the balls say you've been conned too! :P lolz

LOLZ that someone's gonna love kissin you more now. :P

pikey said...

now you know dentist can also make a lot of money,.. lolx

SJ said...

since when it became so cheap hehe

A smile from SJ =)