Wednesday, October 07, 2009

On Landing in New Paris, PJ SS2 (Again)

If you landed on this site by Google where you were searching for food, or New Paris in PJ, reviews could be read in numerous other blogs. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Should I say more?

This is one of the 2 'tai chao' place that we'll never miss whenever the parents is in town. Food is delicious. Air-conditioned. Served in less than 15 minutes. Parking available (though it might be a headache sometimes). Easy access (probably not true for those who doesn't live nearby). And reasonably cheap too (which is one of the most vital point in us frequenting this shop again and again).

We pigged out the last time we went there. 3 pots of white rice as we practically swallowed our meal without munching. The little brother unbuckled his pants towards the end of our dinner. When dad asked him to finished up the remaining bits, he protested he was already beat, from eating. Overworked the mastication muscles apparently.

Tofu. Delicious.

DSC_0334-800 by you.

Watermelon chicken. Never got bored of it.

DSC_0332-800 by you.

Sea cucumber. Two thumbs up.

DSC_0333-800 by you.

And some other dishes as well.

Oddly, despite the many times we were there, we only noticed the restaurant occupied 3 lots of shops during our last visit. And tables were placed up to the second floor too! Conversation over how much they could earn in a night during dinner just left us speechless.

Let's just say in one floor, there're about 80 tables in the shop, and all of them tables were occupied at one time, which is probably true especially during dinner time after 7pm. And to have each of the table averagely consuming about 100 bucks of food, in compensate to the less. And to have the business hours starting from 6pm till 11pm, whereby the turnover of one single table would be approximately 1 hour. On a Saturday night, they make RM40,000. So, let's just say they make one quarter of that on a weekday night, they'd still make RM100,000 a week. And that makes it RM400,000 a month!!!

They do have a lot of workers alright, which reduces the waiting time and all. Estimatedly each waiter and waitresses get paid about 3000 per month and there are about 60 of them working in the shop. The head chef's monthly salary was RM5000 while the few other assisstant chefs earn about RM4500. In addition to that, the electricity and the water bills monthly, the laundry cost of all the table cloths, the cost of the raw material which easily cost up to 300 per day...

Despite all that, the taukeh and taukeh-nio of New Paris still live comfortably with at least 100,000RM earnings per month!

DSC_0330-800 by you.

Dad started wondering if he should start his own 'tai-chao' place too. >< ps: Our mindless estimation of how much other people make in a month was just plain time-wasting talk over dinner and does not prove to be at all near reality.

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manglish said...

yea i remember New Paris...last time it used to be in a dump place and just a few yrs ago moved to this new location....very very nice food

L M said...

Haha your family is funny =)
Would like to try New Paris one day. Passed by, but never got the chance to enter.

Gratitude said...

Rm3000 per waiter? it's more like Rm800-Rm1000 la. :P

TZ said...

I wanna to be the waiter for RM3,000 per month... :p Anyway, when r u going to organize a makan makan outing @ New Paris?

Gratitude said...
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Gratitude said...

TZ, the next one will at another place which the food'll be tastier, the price cheaper and the service juz as efficient! You better not be a jumbo 747 pilot this time! Grrrrrrr

[SK] said...

i think i've been there just ONCE.. errr, not really any impressive that time.. but your photo makes the food looks good, that watermelon chicken is quite special, guess i must go and try..

TZ said...

@Gratitude: i will not be Jambo 747 pilot... maybe be the A380 pilot ... bigger flight bigger impact ... blek~

KY said...

This is one of my favourite too in PJ. Food are good, cheap and fast. It's kinda unfair to calculate their profit like this, pass the job to the real accountant...hehe. RM3000 per worker is too much, maybe less than rm1500. :)

bluesoul said...

went once many years ago...turn here turn there until i cant remember the route d LOL...

Evann said...

Starting new in the food business ain't easy. Reputation takes a lifetime to build, and seconds to destroy.

And hey, I live like a 5 minute walk from New Paris ^_^

cpl said...

u forgot about the rental for the 3 shops >.<