Sunday, March 01, 2009

On the Quiet Hospital

It's going to be a quiet time at the ward. No medical students will go bug them and asked to perfrom physical examination on them, molesting their chest and abdomen and what not.

It's going to be a quiet time at the hostel. There will be no signs of anyone at all. The windows will be closed, the badminton court will be deserted, the carpark empty with no cars.

And you would be wondering where I will go to?

The Community Residency Programme is deemed to expose us to the rural area. That is why we were placed in different locations in Pahang. We were divided into 5 big groups, those lucky ones going to Rompin and Kuala Lipis as well as Pakan and Bera, and us the most unlucky ones being stationed at Maran. Like uh, what the? I have heard of Pakan, despite it being a small town and all, but Maran to me is like a whole new place altogether.

We searched online, checking out what that place is like. Pretty much like the small town where I grew up. And we asked the seniors, totally disappointed when they said it's like the most boring place ever. One particularly told us Maran was his nightmare. Goodness...

It got worse when we found out we have no place to stay! Our supervisor apparently forgot to reconfirm of our coming with the Rakan Muda club-house whatsoever that the boys and the girls are going staying in different part of the town. And us boys becoming the most pitiful bunch needing to stay in an empty house with no furniture, to the extend of needing us to get ourselves our inflatable mattress, or in my case a sleeping bag. Yet, boys from the other groups are definitely enjoying themselves.

I didn't look forward for the trip now that I have found out what it was like. The only part that I think I enjoy about this 4 weeks, would be the free time and tension-free joy not needing to worry about assignments and patients to clerk whatsoever.

Therefore, I will be gone for 2 weeks, deep deep in the jungle, with no connections. Sobs. Sobs. Sobs. Will however, bring along the wireless broadband and attempt a connection. After all, why would I call myself an addict right? I've got withdrawal syndromes damnit.

Amazingly though, they have a golf resort down there.

I'm leaving on a Proton... Don't know when I'll be back again...

Miss me miss me, say that you'll miss me.

Nevertheless, the blog will still be up and running.

7 Jujus:

Sam said...

I miss you already! Two weeks is a very long time for me, and the guys too - so, no matter where you are, know that we're always thinking of you!

Hurry hurry back!

Love and hugs,

Ban said...

Hope it is enjoyable after all, in spite of lack of furniture!

nase said...

Take it all in a stride and experience it for there might not be such chances in the future unless you got posted to a very secluded district area and this upcoming stint will then be helpful. :-)

savante said...

Holiday time. Bring out the DVDs, the pina coladas and the suntan lotion. Really!

isaiah said...

I will most definitely miss you. I am already in the running for being on the committee of your fan club already :)

*Anton* said...

Remember to have a round of golf with the kampung folk.


TZ said...

Enjoy your stay in Maran eh!... take more piccie and share with us :)

hehehe... what should i say as you ask me to say i miss you ... okay ... i miss you :)