Thursday, February 19, 2009

On Mummy's Operation

"Don't worry so much, it's going to be over before you know it. When you worry, your blood pressure shoots sky high."

"I know. That's why I'm trying not to. But I'm scared..."

"There's nothing to be scared of. The complications are just possibilities, they're not going to happen for sure. They're just possibility. Don't worry too much..."

"Okay okay, I'll try to."

It was a few weeks before the CNY holidays that Mum told me about her visit to the labs for her regular blood test. Somehow one abnormal findings lead to her finding out more, and before you know it, she was already going all paranoid and worried about what to do. I finally told her to visit the gynaecologist to further manage her condition.

She has been having a cyst ever since my younger brother was born. It was located behind her uterus and has been remaining at the same size for the past 10 years. But somehow, it grew larger these few years, finally measuring 7cm. Indeed, it caused some worry to have grown from 4 cm in the past 2 years. There was no complications experienced from the growing cyst, just maybe some constipation when she has her menses.

Results of ultrasound from the gynaecologist showed that it's a dermoid cyst. And I heaved a heavy relief. Dermoid cyst, or known as mature benign cystic teratoma is a tumor with tissue or organ components resembling normal derivatives of all three germ layers. Normally, teratomas have been reported to contain hair, teeth and bone. Turning maglinent is rare, so I assured her that dermoid cysts are actually quite common.

Later on when the doctor suggested of a total abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (TAHBSO), she frantically went out of her normal self. Her anticipation and worry were denerving that Dad had to keep calling us to calm her down. She really did over-exagerate a bit with her nervousness to undergo the operation. There was even one occasion when sis called and tell me that she broke down and decided to pull out from the operation.

"It's better to remove it totally. Like what the doctor said, we don't want any future complications arising from the remaining organs..." I tried to talk her out of her thoughts. "Besides, you're after your 50s, should be about time for menopause already... There won't be much different already then."

"But menopause is natural ma... Like this operation, it's not natural ma..."

"Do you mind that much? Health is more important now. It's a major surgery yes, but it is a simple one. It'll be over before you know it. And after that you will not even need to worry about the cyst anymore."

So finally, Mum agreed to undergo the operation after the long exhaustive advice and assurance. Sis and little bro flew back last night to be by her side before she went into the operation theatre this morning. Dad's taking the day off work. And I feel tad guilty for not flying home.

She started to worry as the time for the operation drew nearer and nearer. Worrying about the general anaesthesia instead of partial lower limb. That it's going to be a transverse cut, like that of the Ceasarean section.

Sis's Text message: Mummy's BP quite high. Just now use machine it's 163/90. Then request to check again manually, it's 150/98. She's not calm lar. Dr said will prescribe sleeping pills for her tonight cuz she need rest. Another one tomorrow morning during operation.

I called her twice at night to tell her to calm down. That everything will be just fine. She was admitted into the ward and from time to time updates me on what was done. History clerked. ECG done. Blood pressure monitoring. So by 11p.m., I called and asked her to take some good rest.

"You're coughing?"

"A little."
I didn't even mention about my cough for the past 2 weeks. I denied it everytime she asked as to why my voice changed.

"Remember to take some chicken essence okay? Exam is over dy, what's done is done, don't think about it anymore. Now that it's over, rest more okay?"

"I will."

"Don't worry about me lar. I'm fine already. I won't be calling you tomorrow morning, will be going into the operation theatre at 730a.m.."

And so when I woke up this morning, I already saw 4 messages.

Mum: I sleep well last night. BP down dy, 146/81. Feel okay today. I am ready for it.

Mum: Don't worry for me. I will be alright. On drip already. Soon be pushed to OT. Best wishes.

Sis: Wake up dy? We're at the hospital. Mummy's ready. Changed her cloth. Pa is with her now, me and bro outside the room, don't want to crowd inside the room. By the way, that chantings from the
Offering of Lights ceremony last time, is it Om ma ne ped na hum?

So for the whole morning, I have been waiting for the results of the operation. I called Dad at 830a.m., and he said she's still in the room. I called again at 9a.m., Sis said she's still not out. I texted them at 10a.m., everyone's still waiting. Another text message at 1040a.m. garnered the same reply. By 11a.m., Sis replied saying another half more hour to go since they started the operation late, and the surgeons are doing the suturing already. Half an hour later, she called.

"Mum's out, you want to talk to her?"

"Hey... I'm fine.Don't worry about me lah. Aiyoo, you still cough so badly. Have to watch out for your own health okay?"

I'm glad it's over. Now the only thing I'm wishing for, she'll recover from the operation.

Mothers. The only thing they worry about even more than their own life is their children's.

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Sam said...

Well, they did bring us into the world. :) And I'm sure you wanted to be by her side but checking on her while she went through the surgery was perhaps a great gesture of your love for her that was possible at the moment already. :) *hugs*

Hope all is well with your mom - wishing her the speediest recovery! :)

jase said...

Aww.. You see, we love our mommies too! They love us even more! Its good to hear that your mum is good and the surgery was a success!!

*Anton* said...

So many good news then, your Mom being okay, ur exams over, getting to meet me :P & movies and dinner tonite. lolz

Life's great now, rite? ^_^

mikey said...

hmm i think its common for her to worry lah, my mum also refused to do the abdominal hysterectomy when the doctor in my hometown first suggested to her, she was very worry.

so when the doctor in sjmc actually suggested vaginal hysterectomy to her, she felt much relieved and agreed to do it as it sounds less invasive. today she just got discharged and everything seems to b ok :)

wish ur mum the fastest recovery :)

Danny said...

u r very lucky to have such a loving mother 9 not that mine is bad ;p ), cos they always put us first no matter what...
hope that ur mom will get well REAL soon... so that i can write a piece of blog saying that she is hyperactive now, after the operation..:)

[SK] said...

hope that your mum can fully recovered soon, and then stay happy and healthy all the way :)

Ban said...

Got time to worry about your cough some more! Heh.

I'm glad she's alright after the operation. Hope she recovers soon. *hugs*

MiChi said...

So touching/ What a lovely son you are. Wish her a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

You're right! Mothers will risk their lives just to save their offspring. They rather eat less so we could have more. They worry more about us than their own health.

TZ said...

Hey dude... you are worrying your mom but you yourself need to take care too..

Anyway, send my regard to your mom and wishing her to get well soon... and you too get well soon and take good rest :)

Medie007 said...

thanks for the wishes guys. :) I'll let her know she has lots of get well wishes.

Twilight Zone said...

Hey I'm late to wish your mom a speedy recovery. I understand your worries dude. When my dad went for triple bypass, I camped outside the theatre and that was the longest agony wait I ever had in my life. Cheer up & hugs!

Bengbeng said...

glad everything is now ok. u r a good dutiful son. she must b well pleased

Medie007 said...

twilight zone, that's a much MUCH tougher surgery wor... i hope he's fine too. :D and thanks for the wishes. :D

bengbeng, thanks a lot. for the wishes and the *ahem* compliment. heee