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On Food to Eat in the Cat City

Following the short guide around the Cat city, here's a post about food to look for if you're there. I've been cracking my brain to think of recommendation in and around downtown, so that it would be easier for backpackers and what not, places that requires some transport is left out.

But I don't think this list is applicable for non-Muslims... Gazillions of appologies.

Kolo Mee is the MUST try if you're visiting. What differentiates the Kolo Mee from other noodles is that, noodles made for Kolo Mee are machine made. It's spring-y. And yes, there'll still be difference between Kolo Mee and Wanton Mee here in Penisular, reason being the ingredients used. Basically it can be found all around Kuching. But the famous ones should always be the traditional ones. Therefore, if you're staying in Downtown Kuching, hit up Carpenter street or Padungan street (a.k.a. the Chinatown of Kuching). Most of the Kolo Mee sold there are what it used to really be. Otherwise, go to any shops and you can try the noodle with different toppings, i.e. seafood. That reminds me, the row of shops opposite Singahsana Inn that serve pretty nice Kolo Mee.

Laksa Sarawak is different from all of the Asam Laksa or whatsoever in West Malaysia, although Penisular-ians would claim that Laksa Sarawak is like Prawn Mee here. I'm not particularly sure about that, but Laksa Sarawak uses vermicelli instead of those big yellow noodles as in of Asam Laksa. And the nearest to Singahsana, would of course be the row of shops opposite.

Next up, is also a MUST try. Kuching Open Air Market Siu Mai. Basically, any of the kopitiam that has the steam cabinet would have. Not all, but mostly will have, considering how common it has been since it started in the Open Air Market in the past. However, if you're really adventurous enough, take a walk down the riverside (away from Hilton Hotel) and walk to the end so that you'll reach the somewhat Bus station area, the one storey hawker centre with a tall chimney is the Open Air Market. Savour in the famous siu mai where it started.

While you're in the Open Air Market, there's no harm trying out the other foods there as well. The environment might not be as lavish or clean as a restaurant, but you might be surprised the foods there are of two thumbs up.

Okay, foods mentioned thus far are mostly available in the day time. For dinner, there are a few recommended seafood place. Most would have suggested the seafood on top of this multi-storey parking building called Taman Kereta. I personally don't really fancy that place. Seafood are fresh no doubt. But it has got to be the the one at the further end. See, the thing about this place is, once you got out from the elevator, you'll be ushered by waiters and what not. That would be from the first stall. Just politely ignore them and walk to further up, and you'll get another bunch coming to usher you to their seafood stall. Follow them and you might actually taste quite some nice dishes. The only downfall, it's a bit far from Singgahsana, and walking in the night either gives you quite some good opportunity for night photography, or you might be soaked in rain. In short, just be careful-LAH.

Otherwise, there is a nice seafood restaurant just behind the Harbor View hotel opposite of Singgahsana. I forgot the name, but it's yellowish in colour. Akasu or something that sounds Japanese. Give it a try, reasonable price too. And it's just around the corner. :)

Basically that's about all the food that I can think of in downtown Kuching. But it won't be that hard to look for food in the city. I think. LOL. It's been soooooo long. But I'm sure you won't be starved to death. Just down the riverbank as you enter the commercial areas, you will get all those franchise diners anyways.

Happy eating.

1) Red square on the left side of the map shows the Open Air market.
2) Red square on the right side of the map shows the Taman Kereta, or the Topspot seafood place.
3) Red square with the yellow dot in the middle of the map would be Singgahsana Inn.
Original map here.

Oh by the way, here are some reference for you should you be really interested.

Sarawakian F&B. Kenny Sia's Best.

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Bengbeng said...

eh? what's happening? u relocating to cat city?

Twilight Zone said...

I have tried the Mee and Laksa which are thumbs up. I thought Kolo Mee is called Kampua Mee?

Sam said...

I love meeding and the Sarawak o'chien though - had that the last time and totally LOVED it. The o'chien needs a lot of getting used to though - it's very dry and crispy.

I didn't get to try authentic Sarawak laksa the last time! Had kolo mee though. :P

Perky said...

Oh God, kolo mee is simply just yummy!

My favorite stall at the Taman Kereta is the ABC stall (located at the far end from the lift). But yeah it's quite a hassle having to go thru those "vultures" to get to ABC stall.

Chester said...

your post will be very useful to me. my trip to cat city.

hamster me said...

i miss my state..
and its food..
sibu's mee kampua is the best!!
teh c special!! OMG!!

Medie007 said...

Bengbeng, haha, no lar... not relocating. just posting cannot ah? :P

Twilight zone, it's called kolo mee in kuching. kampua mee is another type normally served by the foochow.

sam, now that you mentioned it, the o-chien is one of the MUST try too!

Medie007 said...

perky! oooh the ABC ah... i haven't actually tried that before. hahahhaha

chester, thanks.

hamster, welcome to the blog. :) sibu being the home of the foochow of course serves the best kampua mee lor... :P another famous dish that i had in sibu last time was something like ding-bien-hu or something. forgot the name. ahah

pikey said...

oooohhh... all these r making me hungry... especially the siu mai... i like it.