Saturday, January 10, 2009

On the Trip Turning Tragedy

And so one of the colleagues sent me a text message at 12 in the midnight a few days ago asking if I was free over the weekend, a whole bunch of them are going to this Botanical Garden thingy in Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam. I wasn't quite sure, since my original plan was the date with Bernard. But I agreed anyways. but will come back early for the appointment with the guy.

We left roughly around 0845, all happy and joyful. We were a convoy of 3 cars, made up of 15 peoples, which consisted of 2 couples and mainly peoples from, hmmm... different postings. When we reached the place, it turned out to be what another friend mentioned, just another park. Not really that all well-maintained, but not too bad I suppose. For we found out that we can actually play paintball in there, and there's the skytrax adventure which includes firefox and some Tarzan game, as well as the house of four seasons. And that last was the main purpose as to why we went. News had it that it's winter in the house.

It was a giant refrigerator actually. Or so I think. Since it's -2 degrees celcious inside the house. We enter into a glass tunnel overlooking the snow covered land outside. All white. Pure and innocent.

We were so excited to experience the coldness. First time seeing winter, how would we not be? I suppose it's pretty much the same as the snow house in Genting Highlands. But I never been inside the snowhouse up there, so yeah, I was still very excited about it.

Lots of camwhoring took place out in the snow. Or so we thought. I was literally jumping up and down to keep myself warm. The cold was turning everything numb. All the more with me wearing sleeveless...

We overstayed out in the snow actually. Regulations had it that one is only allowed to be out in the snow for 5 minutes. But with our over-excited young adults hormones, it's only natural that we entered back into the glass tunnel complaining over our hands turning cyanotic and gangrenous. Touch wood it was just a kidding.

We left the house about 15 minutes later. Not that worth it if you're making a comparison of the time we stayed inside the freezer to the entrance fee of RM3 we paid. But seriously, how long do you think you can stay out in the snow when all you have on your body is just a piece of shirt, and pants or jeans or shorts?

Alas, we came out all satisfied anyways. And yeah, all those vapors once we came out from the fridge... darn my pictures turned out blurry... Pretty much reminded me of the same encounters in Angkor Wat last year.

Walked around and camwhored while we waited for the shuttle bus to get us back to the main office for the secondary reason as to why we were at the park.

Oh I assure you, this bunch of colleagues, they're way way waaaay more of camwhorers. They'd go, "Medie, pictures!" And there I went, setting the tripod, and ran back to the crowd and activated the infra-red remote control trigger.

When the bus was finally there, we were on our quest to fulfill the secondary mission! Bicycle ride! WOOOOT!

It was all fun really. I think it has been eons since I ride a bicycle, at least one that moves forward. Only that, it gets really really tiring with all the roads going uphill. Downhill wasn't a problem, after all I just let go of everything and let the weight brings forward the momentum.

It wasn't long before we reached the agropark. And there we went again, "Group for the record!". Ka-chak!

I am personally, not a flora person. I don't have green hands, so I don't really do trees or plants or bushes. I adore them, when they're planted ornamentally. But not a fruit garden or what not. But since we were already there, why waste the chance right?

So we rode and rode. I was in front considering I'm like, a whale... and downhill slide was a privilage for me. I went all the way to the end and turned around. There were just 2 colleagues with me. The others must've slowed down or something.

Only when we turned back and rode for a bit when we found out what happened.

One of the colleagues had an accident. I didn't know what really happened. It was only when I was close enough to the small gathering that I heaved a relief knowing the victim didn't die.

Apparently, on that steep downhill sliding, her pressing on the brakes caused some unstability to the bike. What's more with her being light-weight, she was thrown over the handle-bars head-first. She must've got her pelvis scratched or something.

And she was bleeding profusely. To the extend that her lips were as white as the corpse. She muttered something about her vision going dark and she couldn't make out anyone. Yeap, she lost that much amount of blood.

One of them called the administration office and asked for help. Rest assured, the injured was trasnported back to the office in one piece, concious. She was later rushed back to the hospital in Klang.

The last that I heard, she had some stitches and was discharged. So I suppose it wasn't something too severe. But poor girl though... What set out to be a trip of fun and enjoyment ended with such a climax.


Oh well, there's always a next time. And the next primary mission will be paintball instead of the house of four seasons. Yeay!

Parking fee RM1,
Entrance fee adult RM3,
House of 4 Seasons Entrance fee RM3,
Skytrax Adventure RM30+,
Paintball RM??

ps2: Oh yeah, they were forbidding me from taking the photos of the tragedy, but then hey, they would instead regret it if I didn't take any photos from the 'climax' of the trip.

5 Jujus:

ckw said...

OMG she's alright now i guess?

bleeding profusely? from?

TZ said...

Hope that you friend is okay and get well soon...

Little Dove said...

"To the extend that her lips were as white as the corpse. She muttered something about her vision going dark and she couldn't make out anyone"

Sounds like she's having hypovolaemic shock. I hope she's alright now.

[SK] said...

one whole class of us went to the same place more than 15 years ago, and same thing happened to a classmates, luckily she was ok..

try the SkyTrax, it is fun!!

Medie007 said...

ckw, yeah, i asked around, she's alright.

tz, thanks for the wishes, i'll convey the message. :P

little dove, that's all we thought. but she was still very concious. and even asked us to check her pulse!

[sk], glad to hear ur friends were alright. ;)