Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On Talking Alone

How can be like this lei? Right. I know. So this leads to this and this and this. Yes....

Uh, what else do I need. Yeaps. This.

Today's going to be a cloudy day. Nice...

But more often than not, it's just gibberish mumble that I can't make out. And it's from my roomie KK. I don't get annoyed really. I mean it. I really don't!!

I do wonder though, why do people likes to talk to themselves when there's other people around? Like erm, I know I would talk to myself ONLY IF I'm alone. But when there's other human beings around me, I tried to control myself. My lips are shut tight, and I'd be so very quiet.

So that's why when the previous roomate back in college started to read out loud what he was reading, I was so pissed and annoyed. No he doesn't read out LOUD like as loud as you talk to another person. But the hissing and wissing sound. Even if that's the way you memorize things, I believe you still have to consider of the other people beside you. And there's just a certain amount of tolerance I could handle. I moved back to the bed and studied on the bed back then, but all those whispering could still be heard. In the end, I stormed out of the door and study in another friend's room. Nope, I didn't tell him anything. I just stormed out.

Seriously. There's just a certain level of tolerance one could take.

At least KK doesn't whisper or hiss or wiss or do whatever reading with lips moving to whatever words he read in the book. Just occasional "ARGH!!!" or "Phuhhhh"... Still acceptable. I mean, well... I don't make all those sounds, but I'm sure he'd be wondering what's all those tapping from my dancing fingers or the clicking on the artificial rodent.

But as far as I'm concern, so far he hasn't complained. I won't be too.


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4 Jujus:

passerby said...

I can't stand people making even the slightest noice, but I make a lot of sound (like reading out every sentence!) when I study.


Good luck for your exams.

AJ said...

get ur own room dude!!

it will be easier dat way =)

Jaded_Jeremy said...

Actually, sometimes you can solve problems just talking it out. It's the same concept as talking to another and voila! You find the answer yourself without the other person saying anything at all.

joshua said...

I talked to the wall.

'Nuff said.