Monday, December 15, 2008

On a Over-cosy Room

I can never do it in my room. Despite trying so much to make it home-y and everything, I guess I must've overdone it. That the only activities I think I can do in my room are, sleep, watching drama, online. Basically all of them in the spectrum of relaxation.

So tell me. How am I going to study??? What's with exams coming up and everything. I'm shivering and restless. I just have to leave the room and go out. But to go out when it's the exam week, is the number one sin that will get you to the twentieth level of hell. Okay, that was just plain made up.

But I really do have to leave the room. The lack of discipline always get me resulted in dancing my fingers away on the lappie keyboard or shutting my brain on the bed. More often than not, I would leave the lappie open so that I can occasionally make excuses of oversaturated brain.

So for the past one week, or maybe two... I have been driving. Yea, wanna die ah?! I drove all the way from Klang to PJ to study. Thing is, not the library or anything. Most of the time I ended up in these new shops somewhere.

Okay, thing is, I'm not very sure it's normally is quiet, but most of the time I was there, it's either weekend or evening. So sometimes, I was like, the only customer they have.

Even though there might be music and everything, at least so far I managed to force myself to finish reading through my Obs and Gyne. Maybe because there was nothing there except my book. No lappie, no bed. Okay, yeah, maybe food. But then again, I'm glad I finished the books now that it's jut 5 days away from the exam. At least I won't be panicking and having cold sweats always being reminded that I have not been reading at all.

I do wonder though, if I know why I can actually study in a diner, where the lappie is concern, why the heck couldn't I just shut it down and lock it away in the cupboard!?

Fuck me!

If ever my mum knows about it, I'm sure she'd confiscate my lappie... Driving everyday like that. Not only it's as if I'm super free. For the 2 hours I'm on the road, I could have already read something already. Plus, it's not exactly as if the petrol is that cheap nowadays. RM 80 of a full tank could only last me five days of travelling up and down the highway.

But I sure do hope things will go fine. What's with all the sacrifices I've made.

Yeah yeah. What bullshit...

Oh dear Lord, just let me pass the exam...

ps: phots taken are of Simply Fusion Jaya One. No no, not a paid post.

4 Jujus:

foongpc said...

Aiya! I thought what you cannot do in your room! Study only, is it? Yeah, sometimes it's better to study outside in some quite cafes or dining places. I've a friend who did that, but she did it in McD of all places!! I don't think I can study in McD though I no longer study : )

TZ said...

Dude, another nice place to study is Tony Romas... nowadays they have RM0.50 / cup coffee from 3-6pm... hopefully they don't end so soon lor.

KBT also have nice place to study one... they have some quiet restaurant too :p Consider KBT... don't need to drive all the way to J-one.

Anyway, all the best to your exam eh! :p

AJ said...

if ur room so over-cosy...did u ever "do it" there? ;P

anyway, i'm sure u'll do just fine for ur exams!!

joshua said...

We need some divine intervention, don't we?

I vow I will go BodyJam/Balance/Pump with you AFTER our exams =)

Maybe even RPM, if I am feeling hot!