Tuesday, November 25, 2008

On Keeping Me Facial Hair

Here's the thing. I like guys who have facial hair. Okay, rephrase. I'm jealous of guys who have this certain pattern of facial hair. Not like Gandalf's kinda longish beard... Something like, a clean shaven sideburns down to the chin, that gives you this rugged look. You know, like some of those caucasian actors, where after they shave, there's this shade of grey on their cheeks down till their chin? Well, you get the drift. They call it the scruffy pattern.

But the thing is, not everyone has the 'opportunity' to have that kind of a facial hair pattern. Of the many Chinese colleagues I have, I think there's only one who have that kind of pattern. It looks good when he trims it nicely, but it's a mess when he doesn't. And that's another thing why I want it. A reason for me to shave. A reason for me to get my shaving cream. A reason for me to look really out of place when I don't feel good. LMAO.

So with that being said, I supposed it's obvious enough that I don't have it. I've been shaving since like, 2 years ago? And the only thing I've been 'growing' are longer beards and moustache if I don't shave for a week or two. Though I do get to fulfill my later 2 wishes that I get to buy shaving cream and look out of place if I don't shave, but I'm still not satisfied over me not having this kind of facial hair pattern.

Despite having said that, I'm contented with what I have. At least I still get to shave. Don't think roomie shaves. LOL. But I don't shave that all too often. I don't want to look all too shiny with no hairs above my lips and on my chin. So normally, I shave once a week or so. Still, I don't look that all out of shape just yet. My facial hairs are well taken care of.

Until the funeral a few weeks ago, when I got to know that the tradition was no cutting of any hairs on the body for 7 days. I have not been shaving for 2 weeks by then, as I was too lazy to get a new shaver blade. So I came back from hometown with this look as if I'm Robinson Crusoe being rescued from the isolated island. Not barely there yet, but I'm exagerrating.

Colleagues were all wondering how I was really holding up. Because with facial hairs untrimmed like that, it's only natural that one's depressed or lost himself or something. On top of that, I'm known to be one who speak little, therefore not many dare to come talk to me. Not that I'm anti-social or anything, heck I'm just not a social butterfly...

Anyways, I've finally shaved this morning. And everyone's reaction was...

"You shaved!!!" with that extra exclamation mark, signifiying how surprised they all were.


If only I'm as rugged as this guy... You bet I'll be flaunting. LMAO

I know what you're thinking. Mc Dreamy? Yeaps. I will be like him with the body of Mc Steamy someday in the future. Physically I mean. But then again... If only.... LOL

5 Jujus:

TZ said...

Dude, what if i don't shave in a week... how would you imagine my look will be ???? :-p

Medie007 said...

like robinson crusoe. LOL

JC said...

Mine is even shorter than yours! Even though I don shave it for a month, but it's always that short. I am lacking of male hormone, can get me some arr? LOL

Medie007 said...

JC... not good lar take male hormone... :P let it grow by itself la. soon enough, before u know it. LOL

Sam said...

I love facial hair too. ;)