Wednesday, November 05, 2008

On Joining the Photomarathon

It was the first time ever. I imagined myself joining in some photography competitions, but definitely not something like this. To register and walk around town and be at designated area at a particular time for some specific theme... It's pretty much like Amazing Race or something. Only that, we need to take photos along the way. And submit our photos based on the themes. Yea, it was the Canon Photomarathon Asia in Kuala Lumpur last Saturday. It was held in other Asean countries already.

We arrived at 0730 at Times Square that morning, late by 30 minutes. But I guess the organizers didn't expect such a huge turnout that it was pretty much a mess. Queues (??spelling?) were a mess, and participants were impatient. Only by 0830, briefings were given and the race began.

Melvin and I were not Canon users, apparently. So yeah, with the Nikon, and Olympus and Sony and whatever other brands there are, you can expect to see so many cameramen around town that day. Worse was, everyone were dressed in red complimentary red tee.

We walked around Bukit Bintang area, looking for scenes that could fit to the first theme of 'indulge metropolitan'. Yea yea, pretty straight forward you'd say. But with so many red shirts people around, it's pretty hard to take good shots.

And apparently, you'd be expecting a lot of similar shots too. And honestly, it is pretty hard to express myself through the lenses when there's a theme...

The next pit stop was at Pavilion KL. While the invasion of the red peoples waited in hunger for the next theme, guards were stopping the photographers from taking any photos in the compound. Ridiculous really. I just don't understand why they don't like people taking photos of their mall. It's partly beneficial for them as well, since it'll be free advertisment, no?

Canon service centre in the mall provided the next theme 'mess in rules'. Blardy hell.

We headed over to KLCC after that, where the last theme would be given out at the next pit stop, a.k.a. the Canon shop inside the mall. Had early lunch at Burger King, I was beat.

It was tiring to wake up at 6 in the morning... And what's more, I was at the Octoberfest the night before. So yeah, imagine...

Goes green was the last theme.

As mentioned, I couldn't express myself freely when I'm confined to a theme. I wanted to walk on a different path. I know what the first thing that comes into peoples mind. As far as indulge metropolitan is concerned, there should be buildings or cars or people in the buzzling city. Or that it must be something from the park or greeneries or trees when it comes to the 3rd theme of goes green. Mess in rules... It'd be great if there were shots of the guards stopping the photographers from taking photos in front of Pavilion... But I've seen a couple of shots where there was this really funny signs that contradict with the direction of the escalator. So with that being said, there was this thing with human beings having pretty similar thoughts.

I did some random shots of and around town. Nothing specific for that matter. It's not like I always come out and do photoshoot. So I was shooting on buildings and the sky and people and well, yeah mostly people.

So here are my submissions in the end. Atypical I know. It was just for fun anyways. I know it's pretty impossible that I win anyways.

My choice for indulge metorpolitan:

Though I was juggling between sending in these next few photos...

My choice for mess in rules:

My choice for goes green: Weird I know. Just out of fun...

Comments and compliments are welcomed.

And of course, there would always be other photos taken. I have some favourites as well. Either they couldn't fit the theme, or there are red peoples. LMAO

And of course, you know why I like the next one. Candid shots are nice. Or what's it called again? Street photography?

Photographers were in actions that day. If by any chance you were driving around town last Saturday, you'd know what I mean when I say KL was invaded by red people. Horrible and scary really.

Melvin and I left for home early. We were both tired by 2 in the afternoon. We uploaded our submission and headed home respectively. I went over to the Curve, met up with a friend for tea, then to another friend's place for shower before driving over to KL Pac for the YKLS's Jazz concert.

Told ya I had a busy weekend. >.<

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{SK} said...

oh it's that event!! no wonder i saw people wearing red taking their huge cameras running everywhere that day..

TZ said...

If i were here in KL... I sure wanna to join... I have a big camera too :-p hahaha .... and i look good in red :-p

Ah-Bong said...

yeaps... the invasion of the red people. hahahha

tz, your big camera hor... makes other ppl feel inferior ony... LOL

Twilight Zone said...

Interesting day you had. I wish I could be there to kay-po. I'm sure you do know that style & angles often captured the judges' eyes.
I also studied photography in US & look at how bad my blog photos are. Malu! It's bcos I've a team of fellas doing it now. Malas!... Good luck Ah Bong!

raeshad said...

invasion of the red aliens !!!

With big snouts of camera for noses XD

nase said...

Darn! I'd missed it, didn't even knw as I wasn't in town until yesterday. I love photography as well. Nice shots you have there, Bong.

foongpc said...

Yikes! Red people - scary! If yellow people, then OK. At least I know they are my friends from DIGI. Haha!! Nice photos : )

Katetricia said...

wow u been active recently ! lol

nice shots, Like them all. but for 1st theme, pic "3001990577_4cae2b02cb.jpg" fits in nicer. just my 2cent, a very good shots done :)

All the best Dr Bong!

Ah-Bong said...

twillight zone, u just need to practice more? LOL Practice makes perfect! hahaha

raeshad, yeapsie.... invasion of the red people... LOL

nase, yeah too bad u weren't. tz missed it too. :P

Ah-Bong said...

foongpc, thanks for the compliment! :P and yah, somehow canon and yellow... doesnt go well. hahaha

katetricia, thanks for the compliment! i can't find which one is that pic u're refering too. oops. :P but thanks again!