Thursday, November 13, 2008

On Finishing One Case


Look what have Obstetrics taken toll on me! Blardy hell now I'm a baby.

Was darn tied up with writing up on my placenta previa type IV for the past few days that I only spent 10 minutes writing my blog, let alone reading other people's blog.

But rest assured. I'm so damn glad and happy and overjoyed and excited that I have finally managed to finished one of the two case summaries required for the ObGyn posting.

It's been a torturous week. Not to forget that funeral last weekend. I had to stay up till 1 every night just to write up on this patient of mine. Fine lady really. Poor thing she's having some complicated pregnancy that she has to be admitted to the ward and has been staying there for over 2 months. Just to wait for her baby to reach term age and undergo a C-section.

So imagine! I had to dig dig and dig for history as far as 2 months ago, and bury my head in 3 inches thick of that case notes of hers for her long stay. Literally. I even went back to the ward at 23oo just now to copy some of the informations that I've missed. How many times she did her scans. How many times she had steroids injection. How many times she had her blood draw out for investigations. Imagine. 2300!!! The entire hospital was so damn quiet.

But yeah, I can finally go to bed tonight sleeping soundly. Although it sure won't be enough. I'm imagining myself fishing in front of my dear Iraqi ObGyn Doctor tomorrow morning. How disappointing of me.

I know it might not be as exagerating as I put it. But 11 pages of case summaries, with LITTLE copy and paste at all, what's with all those complicated history and pregnancy of my case, I'm literally getting myself all those trouble. But, thanks to the few chatters helping me keeping myself from screaming. LMAO. Ps: Katy Perry is SO NICE!

Anyways, the torture is far from being over. Have another Gynae case summary due next week. Gotten myself a molar pregnancy. Literally meaning your sperm penetrated an empty egg. I wonder if I'm picking trouble for myself. I could always get myself easier cases such as hyperemesis gravidarum (excessive vomiting)... Or at least I think it sounds easier. LOL.

Sigh. ObGyn... HATE HATE HATE writing case summaries.

Coming to an end soon. And I barely read a chapter in any of the recommended text books. I wonder how am I going to pass this year... sigh...

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raeshad said...

bong sama xD

congrats. on the long case........

1. i've actually had the same experience. although, it wasn't that quiet as ppl just kept buzzing around me - nurses, interns, cleaners.......

2. you should always take the hard cases, more points for that. and your prof sure would appreciate it. and plus, usually we tend to remember the things that are bizarre

3. i only like 2 of her songs >> You're so gay, and >> I Kissed a girl

Now, go sleep xD

Twilight Zone said...

You are sweet & hardworking! If I will be born again, I won't mind you dig, dig & dig my mum's files before delivering me in your arms!.... ZzzZzzzzz (baby sleeping)

Anonymous said...

i absolutely hate OB/GYN
never liked to do VE's and delivering babies....gross!

and your Prof. Z was my external during my long case....and boy, did she screw me up .... b****!

nase said...

That's good to have finished an assignment, eh. just take the whole ObsGyn course in stride, dude. If all of us could go thru that SHIT, I don't see any problem with you.

Molar pregnancy sounds like a better case write up than hyperemesis gravidarum. That should score more points and it's something that we should not missed.

Ah-Bong said...

raeshad, we're not marked on how difficult the cases are i think. it depends on our discussion? but yea i agree that we tend to remember the bizarre things. LOL.

i think katy perry is good! ALl of her songs. :D

Ah-Bong said...

twilight zone, just pray that i'll be able to catch you in time before u slipped onto the floor la. hahaha

anon, i don hate ObGyn per se. I hate the bitchy ObGyn-ists. and which prof was that? :P

Ah-Bong said...

nase, i'm struggling... i'm struggling... i'm struggling... but i just don't know for how long i'll keep struggling... :(

on my molar case, i guess it wasn't our luck this time round that there's only one in the ward at the moment. LOTS of colleagues wanted her as long case. but luckily i registered her on the long cases list early enough before arguments broke out.