Sunday, November 30, 2008

On Celebrating Thanksgiving

See, I didn't realize it's thanksgiving until after we were seated and ordered our food. Thank God It's Friday. And guess what, it's going to be another drinking session after the first failed attempt of getting drunk a week ago. Therefore, in conjunction with the Thanksgiving, in the spirit of expressing gratitude, I present you 4 cocktails and 1 shot.

So we were seated at the bar when the first cocktail was served. The blue passion. One shot of white rum, one shot of blue Curaçao, 1.75 shots of lime juice and 1 shot of sugar syrup. Tasted really nice. And it was sipped just like any other drinks together with the food. Heavenly... LOL

Managed to finished the blue passion before I even finished my main course of fish and chips. The appetizer was too much to be consumed that I had to really take my time eating my main entree.

That was when I was given my 2nd cocktail for the night. It's the 77 Sunset Strip. It was a sight to behold. Reddish drink with the deco of a slice of orange and a strawberry. It's a mix of vodka and gin amongst triple sec and pineapple juice as well as grenadine and sprite. But the taste was, am sorry to say, like medicine syrup. LOL. Was able to finish it, as I was looking forward for the next cocktail.

Surprise surprise, it's the bull shot. Not served in fancy glass or pretty deco. But it was a mix of vodka (again) and beef bouillon plus some lemon juice. Now, here's the thing, I don't actually know what are the exact amount of ingredients used in the cocktail, since what I drank might not be the same of that found on the net. But it was one drink with quite strong taste of lemon juice.

And after that, I had my shot. The B-52, a three-layered drink, main ingredients being Grand Marnier, Irish Cream and Kahlúa. Very pretty.... Still as pretty. I had to keep the drink aside for a while before drinking it, or I'd be drunk. The last I remembered, I got heavy headed from the shot.

This time round, I felt quite fine still. So I had my last installment of cocktail. The Lemon Drop. Not a big glass, but it was pretty fancy. Triple Sec, Vodka, and lemon juice. Wonder what gotten into me I had so many vodka for that night.

Rest assured, I was still able to get home after those drinks. Although I was a bit unstable when I got off the stool. No worries, I was fine. I could still walk straight.

There you go, Happy Thanksgiving everyone... Or should I say belated?

7 Jujus:

Peng Loon said...


Do you know where to buy those ingredients? I can't find much at supermarkets and most liquor shops only sell wine.. Don't tell me airport duty free pls =.="

Hehe.. oh and wat's a triple sec?

Danny said...

interesting selection of cocktails...
m not an alcohol person... but will try it if i EVER go out...LOL

Booker said...

Medie, you're into cocktails???!?

Remind me to invite you to our next do, and i'll mix you a few ;)

that is, if you dont mind becoming my guinea pig la....

TZ said...

Booker, can i tagged along when you invite Medie :-p I like cocktail too... my favor hangout place is TGIF the Curve as i know the bartender there :-p

Medie007 said...

pengloon, no idea where to get those stuff... and no idea wat's triple sec too... hahaha

danny, go go go! :P it's fun! haha

booker, sure, let me know when u're holding a cocktail party. :D

TZ, u alcoholic. bleh. :P

Booker said...

haha great! then i'll enlighten you boys on what triple sec is... haiyoh..... *shaking head sadly*

Medie007 said...

booker... kami budak baru belajar bah. :P