Tuesday, October 07, 2008

On Winning Free Tickets

It was 10a.m. when roomie KK sent me a text message: Got Mamma Mia! ticket to win.

Hmmm. Skeptical, I replied him asking what was it all about. And he replied it's actually a giveaway from theStar, need to log onto Star online and try it out myself. He's gonna grab it, one of our colleague won himself a pair. Normal ticket price cost over 100, but it's a free giveaway. Giveaway ends by 7pm.

I went like, Shit! I'm still in the ward!!!!

I left the ward roughly around 1.30p.m. and headed for the newspaper room, indeed I saw the news on the paper. And, it was only for ONE DAY! I rushed back to my room, switched on the lappie and try out my luck straight away. KK was engrossed in clicking and trying...

See, it was an hourly giveaway, so we were waiting for the 2p.m. giveaway.

I gave it a go.

Again and again. Still, all I get was, "Sorry, please try again."

It's the musical based on ABBA's song. Storyline's the same as that of the movie by Meryl Streep showing at the moment. Something about the daughter seeking out the father she never knew to walk her down the aisle on her wedding day, which led to the invitation of 3 gentlemen whom, one could be her father... and pandemonium ensues when all three show up simultaneously, resulting in a momentous time no one will ever forget. It's legendary, I mean, it's ABBA. Who wouldn't know their songs?? I want I want I want. What's more with one of the colleague already won a pair, I want one too!!!

So I didn't give up. I gave it another go. Again and again.

The ticket pricing isn't that cheap you see. It's one of the most acclaimed West End productions. So it's expected to be DEAR. Mamma Mia! staging in Istana Budaya end of this year over Christmas and the New Year. And ticket price starts at RM120, at the sucky seat with early purchase. If you get what I mean.

And I still get "Sorry, please try again." It's very much depending on luck. The last two digit of our identity card and the queue number adding up to the number "8", then we'll win the ticket instantly.

And suddenly...

"Eiii??? Why like this one? Sorry, you have won yourself one pair of tickets."

"OMG! Did I??? I didn't save that page and print out the proof!"

Apparently KK was one of the lucky ones. Lucky bugger indeed... Hmph! But not sure how it ended up though. He made some calls to the people in charge of the giveaway and all, and I didn't ask if he still managed to get his share of the musical.

So yeah, I gave up after 3 hours trying.

For more info, you can look up on here www.thestar.com.my/mammamia

Maybe I'll just go watch the movie instead.

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Jaded_Jeremy said...

Watch the movie!

TZ said...

Dude, latest and free movie.. how i wish they have it in Kampala... Sigh! Over here the cinema shown the outdated movie... :-p

art_tom said...

see it,its a nice movie...

Takashi said...

This is not the movie!

This is the stage musical play! A good ticket cost like RM400-RM500 a piece! GOSH!

I did not read Mon papers and did not go online on Monday!

SCREW ME!! I could have just won the ticket!! :( aaaawww... now gotta spend RM700 to buy 2 ticks..

Tier 1 are the next best after Premier... ouch!

Ah-Bong said...

jaded_jeremy, need kaki to go watch...

tz: come back to KL then. hahahaha

art tom: like i said, need kaki to go watch. I dun like to watch movie alone...

takashi, it is the musical i'm talking about lah.

ckw said...

hey bong i could actually watch it again... haha! n i guess wei sern n few others havent watch it yet..