Wednesday, October 08, 2008

On our One Week Home

So I was saying the family came over for a week last week in conjunction with the Raya holidays. Bro were also having a holiday and had no place to stay, since his college was 'kicking' everyone out and force them to leave the college. Instead of a hotel or a suite or whatever double room like what we used to have the last time they were here, Dad looked up the net and came across this agent that rent out their apartments for tourists and stuff. A bit pricey so to speak, 280 per night. But considering it's a fully furnished serviced apartment, inclusive of the electricity and water bills as well as secured parking, we finally had the place to ourselves.

I came in a bit later compared to the rest of the family. Driving from Klang you see. So I reached just a few hours after they 'checked in' into the house. It was a 3 room apartment, the top floor. So yeah, imagine living there. Mum kept on mentioning we're "in the air" throughout the week that Dad got so fed up with it already.

Sis occupied the single room. While bro and I shared the middle room. He slept on the queen size bed. While I opted for the single bed and moved it from sis's room.

Couch in the living room wasn't that all comfortable. But it was fine alright. The television was on 24/7 except when we were sleeping. Astro AXN and Starworld most of the time, occasionally would be MTV and [V]. We don't have the luxury of watching Astro programme at home you see, so whenever we got the opportunity, we would actually glue ourselves to the screen. But well, after a while, we sorta got the hang of it. Drama series on AXN kept repeating throughout the day. Guess it's not for nothing-to-do-all-day people like us.

And as mentioned before, the aircon was switched on all the time. I just don't get why the rest of the family don't feel cold. I had to come back to Klang and get my turtle neck long-sleeved shirt because I was so cold. And still, I had to wrap myself in blankets around the house. Was it me having hypothyroidism??

Even during noon. We normally just lunched at home as there's a kitchin and Mum wanted to cook for all of her kids over here in Penisular. Mum kept on mentioning that it's a wonderful place, as she was able to cook. Given a hotel room, the most that she could do was just instant noodle.

Mum asked me to take photos of the house. Just for future reference.

Every other day we drove back from the other part of the city, for instance the night we went to Ampang Look-out point, or all the other dining outs in Klang and Brickfields, I sorta have a feeling like finally driving 'home' whenever I reached LDP around OneUtama.

I have always like this part of PJ. Don't know why. OneU was one of my all time favourite place to hang out at... Not particularly because I hanged out there a lot that I loved this part, but rather I think, it's because I love this area that I hang out in OneU a lot. Am not so much of a fan of theCurve or Ikano. Maybe it'll change in the future. Who knows?

And somehow, well, things are heading towards the direction of settling down over here. The feeling of belonged to KL/PJ.

Hmmm... Maybe I should stay after all?

By the way, the apartment is along the road that leads you to theCurve/Ikano from LDP, is it Persiaran Surian? Maybe you may recognize it from the bird-eye view photo I took.

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TZ said...

Dude, the curve is my usual hangout place ... The curve is about 15-20 mins drive away from my place... ;-p

Janvier said...

Klang, esp the hosp where you're working at, is a very hot place okeh!

Twilight Zone said...

TTDI and 1U area are good feng shui area with good chi flowing. That is why it draws so many dwellers and visitors like you. I am also a 1U fan. The 1U logo was done by my team at Hakuhodo Jap agency eons ago. Shocked?

Ah-Bong said...

tz, really?! maybe we could hang out there when u're back. :P

janvier, i know... but i'm still chilly...

twilight zone, wow. like really. WOW. :D

Perky said...

Hey i recognize it!! I stay nearby! Lol!

Bengbeng said...

it is so normal/ordinary. i think it is not worth the rm280.00. of coz u get the accomodation but unlike a hotel which charges these rates, the service isn't there nor the resort/hotel facilities