Wednesday, October 29, 2008

On Visiting the Aliens

Greetings Aliens!

So Melvin, Cedric and myself. We were on a driving trip to the hisotrical town of Malacca when we saw these posters hung on the lap posts by the roadside along the way heading into the city. Melvin was excited about it all, since he read about an exibition held there on ALIENS. Something only held in Malacca and not in KL. Coolness, let's go!

It was 10ish then, so we thought we'd be early enough to be at the place without needing to push ourselves into the exibits. I didn't know what to expect. This was something new.

We reached the Melaka International Trade Centre to learn that the event only started at 11am. There were already some families hanging out at the place waiting for the exibition to open. Alien visit caused some difference in time in Malacca...

Tickets cost 8 bucks per person. And camera charge was 5 bucks.

We were greeted by this Queen Alien when we stepped into the hallway. There was some speaker thingy around playing this voice of the Alien's "roarrrr"... Spent sometime trying to get a good steady shot, rather than reading those plates of words on the wall.

And then, we came across this!

Awesomeness!!! I couldn't help myself but just to take more pictures of the Alien autopsy. It was so familiar. I think I saw it in some movie before. Can't really recall the name, but it was about a bunch of people trying to remake a movie of alien autopsy that were getting really old and rusty and they sold the tapes to the government, media and the world and got filthy rich.

Bid head, big, eyes, no eyelds, small mouth. 6 fingers and digits on the foots. Asexual. Tummy. And burnt scar from the UFO crash onto the planet earth.

There was a guy who was telling the crowd about this autopsy replica. And that was when Melvin was wondering how do aliens produce babies if they're asexual. If they did internal fertilisation, Cedric said the aliens would be losing out on the fun of having sex. LMAO

See, it was supposed to be a family-themed exibition. So there were lots of questionaires about I dunno... Space... Telecommunications... Hands-on games kinda stuff.

But it was cool to have this walkway look-alike table with sensor lightings. Nothing fascinating, just pretty. I thought.

There were some other exibits as well. But they were quite obviously plastic lah.

I was not even reading any of the informations really. Just walking around, attracted only by odd-looking displays as well as the lights.

But that's just it. I couldn't be bothered about reading the informations displayed.

And now I'm actually complaining I didn't learn anything from the exibition. No 'WOW' factor. Other than, maybe some photos. The only highlight of the exibition was, none other than Roswell.

And Melvin noted that the guy in the Roswell exibit didn't actually know that Roswell was actually in New Mexico, and not in Mexico.

Ah well... Maybe there's a reason why the Aliens exibition wasn't held in KL...

4 Jujus:

Twilight Zone said...

What a nice place to see. I will go too!
I saw the exact weird fish swimming alive in Ocean Park, so I will blog it soon.

Mannpriedo d'Saintner said...

Oh wow! I love the alien replicas!

Jaded_Jeremy said...

Hang on: why is Singapore's time ahead of KL's time by half an hour? Time moves different in MITC?

Think the latter photos are of animals that still exist today but their features are strange enough to be classified as alien (?)

Ah-Bong said...

twilight zone, go go... dun go! so not worth ur money. hahaha

mannpriedo d'saintner... wat nice name. LOL. the replica is the only thing i like ><

jaded jeremy, that's why i shoot that photo. :P apparently, mitc fucked up the time. :P