Tuesday, October 28, 2008

On the Scandalous Four

Here's a screen shot from the post a few days ago.

I first noticed the four guys when Melvin was inside one of the shops along the street. I was looking around trying to get a good angle for photoshooting, when the four muscular guys in singlets walked past me. See, anyone would've noticed their presence. Not just me alone. Like, there's sort of an aura when they're around. They're muscular. And they're flaunting it. Their defined bodies were to die for. Guys and girls alike would turn their heads to look at them. What's more, they're walking in four. If there was only one, maybe the aura wasn't as strong. But a whole pack of beautiful guys, that's a head-turner.

And just today, I received the pics from Cedric. Didn't even knew he had a series of photos of them. Maybe he saw me looking at the guys in front of the shops. Or that he saw me looking at them while they were walking towards our direction in this small alley.

Me: Gosh! The Beautiful Four!

Cedric: Haha. I knew you were looking at them.

Me: Hahahaha. What, they're beautiful wat...

Cedric: Oh well. They're not my type. Go blog about it. Maybe they read your blog as well.

Ma: Kewlness. The sheer chance that they're actually reading mine. Eeeks... Woman tim teh...
Cedric: Not sure about you, but I notice one of them were looking at me. Did you noticed?

Me: From the pic? B certainly was.

Cedric: No not from the pic. That day itself. You were walking in front of me right? After they passed us, I didn't look back, you know lah, dowan give them false hope. Him I mean. And I remembered you did turn around.

Me: Sialan. Was I? I only know B was actually looking at your direction in the pics lor.

Cedric: Yeaps. B was. I think he was the one mentioning about KY.

Me: B's boyfriend C... so maybe they were planning about sex that night.

Cedric: Could be. A and D not talking...

Me: Know what, I actually heard C mentioning about "so you like?" Maybe they were actually talking about you.

Cedric: Yey! LOL. I can't see C clearly. But B looks like a btm.

Me: Oh Nooo... you're there again.... But yeah... he does look like one.

Cedric: Hur hur hur. You knew the terms! But then hor... C also looks like one.

Me: D looks pretty much I think. Or hey, since B and C are together, maybe they're playing both roles.

Cedric: No way lah. All 4 seems like btm. I think they're just friends.

Me: No lah... A's a top.

Cedric: Okay. But how you know the 2 are a pair? Besides if they're couple, they won't ask each other 'you like?'. I think they're just friends lah.

Me: I don't know if they're a pair. But it's just the fun of guessing no? We were enjoying ourselves doing people-watching at Starbucks wat. Besides, can't a couple be flirting with themselves? Like, B: I want you in me tonight. C: Oh yeah... you like? See? Fits wat.

Cedric: They could be fubus. A's the only top, and he's doing 3 btms. B: I like him to fuck me hard. C: Oh, you like? Sounds better innit? And that's when A turned around and stared at them in awe. A: You two so gross, the three walking towards us might be talking about us right now.

Me: Haha. No lah. Maybe they're like, friends with benefit, A, B and C. You see D at the back, he's like being left out or something. So maybe he's like, the one who the three gang-banged.

Cedric: You sick! Triple penetration? How can fit!

Me: Gang bang. Taking turns.

Cedric: You. Are. Sick.

Me: What if the guys really do came across my blog and saw their pics. What's more me writing about our conversation. Who's top who's btm what orgy or gangbang... Jialat lor if like that, kena sue kao kao.

Cedric: LOL. Well... It's not defamation. Then again, if they are cheating on their real boyfriends, then jialat is on them.

Me: Hahahaha. So sial one your mouth...

Oh Lord... I'm so ghey....

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raeshad said...

enter Katy Perry's >> You're so Gay XD

TZ said...

Dude, get a DSLR with lens ranging from 35-200mm... u could zoom until u can see their facial expression :-p

Anyway, u r enjoying looking at muscular guy eh! ;-)

Jaded_Jeremy said...

What's KY ar?

savante said...

Well they aren't all that straight either :P

Jason said...

Woo, the real Fantastic Four :P
You can call the the 4 Gymrat as well

Calvin said...

Agree with raeshad. Hahaha!!! isn't he one already? Muahahaha!!!

Ah-Bong said...

raeshad, the song is blardy nice!!!

tz, lens costing more than one limb... need to save... and yeah... muscular guys are beautiful...

jaded_jeremy: dont tell me u're naive-r than me?

Ah-Bong said...

savante, tat's wat i said! LOL

jason, u're not offended by me calling u gymrat are you. pleaaze lar...

calvin, syok sendiri ke?

Katetricia said...