Friday, October 31, 2008

On Reminiscing the Road Trip

There's this scene in QAF. Little Justin left for New York without informing anyone. So Micheal volunteered to help his best friend Brian to go to New York and look for him. The other friends heard about it...

Ted: Well as long as the back seat's empty, I guess I might be in it.
Emmett: Yeah, yeah, count me in.
Brian: Why do you guys wanna go?
Emmett: Why? WHY??
Ted: How can you even ask that?
Emmett: Honey, you're one of our closest friends.
Ted: We can't let you go on this perilous journey all on your own.
Emmett: We're going to be with you all the way.
Brian: I'm really touched. What's the real reason?
Ted and Emmett: [chanting] Road trip! Road trip! Road trip!!

I can never really stop laughing really. Ted and Emmett are so funny. Besides, I kinda agree with them. Road trips are fun. Road trips are ALWAYS fun! Provided you're with some good company larh.

So anyways, that one day trip driving halfway down south over the Diwali weekend, it was a great memory. Now if you haven't noticed, it was already a stretch of posts all about that drive. Yet I could always be posting about my new pinky squishy posting innit? Wasn't it already obvious that I'm into travelling? Hmmm... Of course, this one shall be a post about me being tricks-ed by a China lady up the hill.

1) We were visiting the ruin of the church on top of the hill behind A'Famosa. (Now yeah, I solemnly admit I don't know what's the name of that hill. St Peter's? St Paul's?) So there were some hawkers selling handicrafts and all. And there was this stall selling bracelets. Chinese lady from mainland China. Melvin and I were looking at the bracelet, and he was saying he has one on his ankle. I went like huh? Ankle???

I was attracted by it really. But the price is a bit steep. 8 bucks for one. Stupid as I may be, I bought it anyway...

We went to Jonker Street after that. And Cedric saw the same bracelets 'on sale'. One for 4 bucks. Further down, 3 for 10 bucks. ARGH! Kek Sim ah.... But anyways, never mind larh. Charity for the lady. LMAO.

2) I bought myself some pineapple tart as well. Not sure if I'll like it. But Melvin said it's the famous one. It's the corner shop, just behind this opera stage at this fork-like junction.

I shared the tart with roomie KK. Didn't think he knew I was in Malacca the weekend, he thought someone bought it for me. Until KW came in and saw the sticker on the container, and recognized it instantly.

Oh yea, I was in Malacca last weekend.

Soon after, the interrogation nightmare of who I was with... ( -.-")

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Jaded_Jeremy said...

I don't think the hill has a name leh. The ruins were part of St Paul's church.

I love pineapple tart. Oh man I'm salivating lol.

raeshad said...

did you met Paul @ savante?

foongpc said...

The pineapple tart looks really delicious. Drools : )

Ah-Bong said...

jaded jeremy, the hill no name one ah? kah kah kah... pineapple tart was delish!

raeshad, didnt meet him there

foongpc, yeapsie... it's deliciousss :D

Katetricia said...

You got the pineapple tart, instant from the stall,right?

How much it is selling now? The last we got (last year I think) for RM 15 per box