Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On Getting Them Worried

I never wanted to tell anyone I'm sick. I think it's what the weak people do. I don't mean I won't tell if there's any serious life-threatening sicknesses, but when it is just some fever and sore throat, I'd like to think my immunity is strong enough to fight the infections.

Though more often than not, I have my own concerns. I'd come up with my own differential diagnosis, since I know all my history to the tiny details.

But the fever worsen towards the end of last week when I could barely do anything I want once I got back to my room. I was so cold that I had to put everything aside and just change into my 'sleeping wear' and wrapped myself in 2 blankets. The fan was lowered to grade 2.

I spent the whole afternoon sleeping. And woke up at 7 with throbbing headache. I didn't shower because the water in the shower was too cold. I was running the thoughts of whether or not I should go get my dinner at the dining hall. I know I needed to eat something. I didn't lose my appetite. But I was really tired.

Mum called around 8 that night as usual. I just have no idea why I blurted out that I was having fever. And the moment that was out, I know I'm going to regret it. I always did. And this time wasn't of any difference.

Mum sounded very worried instantly. Asking how I wad doing, whether I was taking any meds, or had any food. And I could hear dad's voice at the back as well. They asked me to take more fruits. Maybe I should go visit the doctor at the outpatient clinic and get some meds or something. But I insisted that I'm doing fine. They didn't buy it.

After mum hung up, Dad called 2 minutes later. Mum and Dad each has their own set of phone, and we are using this family line package thingy, hence my 'tripple 4' number. He asked the same thing. And told me the same thing. That I should prolly asked my friend to help me get some apples. That I should go see the doctor the following day.

And 10 minutes later, sis sent me a text message. She's coming to visit over the weekend.

Great. Now everyone's worried...

3 Jujus:

Legolas said...

It's good to have people worried about you when you're sick.

Jaded_Jeremy said...

Good what. When I'm sick, I long for people to look after me. That's virtually impossible since all my family is not here with me.

Ah-Bong said...

leggie, well.. i dont want to worry them too much...

jaded jeremy, get a partner... :P