Tuesday, September 16, 2008

On the replacement Dr.

Well, I mentioned that Dr.I won't be around until after the holiday on Wednesday. Monday was spent walking around aimlessly since there was no teaching clinician for our group. But we went to ask the clerk at the administration office as to who would be tending to us on Tuesday.


Me: Die laaaa...
Roomie: What?
Me: We'll be spending time with SS Loo from 8 till 12.
Roomie: MUAHAHAHAHA. Congratulations.
Me: Die arrrr....
Roomie: Aiya, 4 hours only ma, we used to suffer from her sarcasm and scoldings for one whole year last year okeh!
Me: That's why you all immune to her already ma.
Roomie: Yada yada. Good luck lor!


Everyone that heard about the news entered the seminar room with an anxious heart. She proved to be quite a popular lady amongst us for her being really serious and no smiling the whole time. She doesn't scold, but when she's upset, you'd expect you were somewhere else.

SS Loo: Okay. You know Dr. I is not around right? I'm Dr. Loo. I'm an endocrinologist.

The class was so silent and everyone stared at her.

SS Loo: So who's going to present a long case today? I'm sure you've clerked anything something about endocrine right?

Everyone started to look around.

SS Loo: Don't look around. Just volunteer. Or I'll be very upset. Anyone. C'mon.
Me: Does the patient still need to be in the ward?
SS Loo: No it doesn't matter. You want to volunteer is it? Come.

That was how I was tricked into standing before about 40 colleagues being 'zaaaat' by her tongue.


On the bright side,

I presented my long case. That I'm doing for my case summary. Thanks to her I learnt something and shall improve this report due Thursday.

Honestly, it wasn't that bad. I suppose she didn't go all out slashing my throat with his tongue today since we answered her questions. Of her previous horror story of 10, she's only a 5 today. She even told me I should be "smilling because someone's criticizing me", that I should be "happy to present now", at least I "won't panic during the exam, presenting the long case in front of 4 professors".

Somewhat true I suppose...

Now I shall get back to my case summary...

ps: Doctor Schnabel von Rom (Doctor Schnabel from Rome); Doctor Who

7 Jujus:

Legolas said...

Bitchy doctor. Why doctors are bitchy?

savante said...

Fortunately you didn't have to present to me. HAHA

Silencer said...

@savante: why? u bite? i once imagined myself presenting a long case to u.

Leon Koh said...

I enjoyed reading your blog :)

Cyclohelix said...

MOST doc bites, especially ophthalmologists -.-

Ah-Bong said...

leggie, ur bf's a doc too wat.

savante, i thank God that i don need to then.

silencer, go ahead. :)

leon koh, hey! u finally leave a comment! :D thanks for the complement.

cyclo, haven't come across any ophthalmo just yet, maybe u should try out the surgeons and paediatricians. :)

Cyclohelix said...

hohoho, tried those before, you cant mess with a pediatric ophthalmologist who hiss at you all the time why smiling at those toddlers..lol. Even surgeons are quiet enough XD