Saturday, July 12, 2008

On Shocking the Salespersons

It was 830p.m. when we reached KLCC. I just had one thing in mind, to get myself a blazer for formal occasions. Not that there is any in anytime soon, but just for the sake of completing my wardrobe. I know, I know, I've been spending money like I'm Paris Hilton lately.

So we were picking and trying out on the clothes. And the 3 of us ended up with a pile. We pushed the pile of clothes at the counter.

Salesperson: Yes sir?
Me: Erm, yah. these.
Salesperson: Paying?
Me: Yes.
Salesperson: All these??!
Me: Er, yah.
Salesperson: Oh.. ok ok...

Eyes wide open, that young girl who complaint to her counterpart I was messing up all the clothes when I rummaged through the piles of formal wears for my size earlier, was kinda panicked and didn't know where to start. Hah, shocking indeed.

GF: Guys are even more horrible in shopping compared to girls.
KW: He was like that last weekend. This week also like that.
Me: Erm, well. Why hesitate if you want the clothes right?
KW: Yea yea, whatever you said.
GF: Imagine what heaps of loads of clothes it'll be like when you move to Klang. Pity your roommate.
Me: Er. KK wouldn't mind one lah. Heeehe

Sis was shocked as much as well.

Oh well. Mum said I can get whatever I want, just not too excessively. I guess I'm not. I shop moderately. So I said. *LMAO* Just something I've always wanted. Though I've already got what I need. Did I say I loooove my parents so much?

But then again, what can I do... At least I'm not risking my health doing alcoholic or anything. This genes, they say one's born with it. Although there's much arguments to that. Guys indeed can shop as crazy as girls.

Now if you excuse me, I have my weekends all packed. I sooo need to go back to Gardens. I'm still hooked with that blue shirt in the Malaysian Designers corner. *sniggering*

By the way, there's 2 shirts in the pile for the little brother.

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welcome to my

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your world, cyclo?

Lifebook said...

hmmm.. you are more scary than I.. :P

Ah-Bong said...

lifebook, i know i know. :P