Wednesday, July 30, 2008

On Human-made Traffic Jam

Aiyoooo! Let the juniors go out first larh!

For the 6 weeks we're here, we're more or less somewhat like just renting the place. We don't have a fix lecture hall anymore. And we're in the running from the lecture hall we used in our first year as well as 2nd year. The other lecture hall we would be using is a small one, 150 people and it's sardin can. What's more with us 200 people.

Anyways, the lecture hall that we used in our 1st year is a large one. There are 3 entrances, on 3 different levels. Believe it or not. We had our 9a.m. class at the hall, and our 8a.m. class at another hall. While the first years used the large hall for their 8a.m. class, we just waited behind the wall thingy for their class to be over before gushing in and taking their seats.

But I suppose the nature of us Malaysians....

Oh wait, I was in there as well.


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