Sunday, June 29, 2008

On Jumping with Joy

Imagine what you would feel, when all the datas that are ever so important to you, inaccessible all so suddenly.

Frust. Annoyed. Angry. Sad. VERY sad. That was how it was for the past few weeks. My external hard-disk have got the 6GBs of photos we took from Cambodia, and I mean the ORIGINAL set of photos, with all those cam-whored pics of myself, and some other redundants as well as very private personal favourites that I didn't copy for my travel mates.

I went through a few options. Send the hard disk to the specialist and see if they can recover it for me. Forget about the photos. Get pirated recovery software. I tried doing the first before. Photos recovered for 500RM. Killing. Second option is hard to get by with. 1500RM of travel, and I can't have all my photos back?!

I tried the last option. And I suppose there is a reason why pirated softwares area always called pirated. Not only it didn't work, I wasted 15 bucks to get the all-in-one type of installer DVD. I didn't try the other programmes, nothing else that I needed anyways.

So I turned to someone I trust.

And he helped. It means a lot for me that he trusts me so much. So the transaction was done, I received the activation code, and so there's the software from the internet.

I jump. I jump. I jump with joy. Well, I knew it'd work. I tried the demo version, but didn't manage to save anything out, because it was just a demo version. Everything was recovered, and all I could do was to look at the results with despair. That was before he gave me the magical numbers.

He was skeptical that it'd be genuine at first. But I placed my order before he told me he wasn't sure about it. 30 minutes later, there was still no emails. I told him on MSN I'm getting restless. All he said was, "wish me luck then". How more adorable can a person be? I did started to get really worried, and told him about it. He just said, as long as I become his bitch and let him toyed around with me for 24 hours. That'll do. Like whoa?! *sniggering* He was joking, of course I knew.

8 hours later, after dinner and shopping, I came to check the mail. There it was, the activation key!

And now, one hour after I recovered my original set of photos, I'm still leaping with joy.

It was 2a.m., I sent him a text message. "I love you i love you i love you. :-) I got back all my photos! Yippeee. I know you'd probably slept, sorry if I woke you. But I just can't help it. I love you i love you i love you. So so much!"

Nope. We're not lovers or whatsoever. But I love him anyways. Well yeah, I still need to pay him the 76USD when the bills come.

3 Jujus:

Janvier said...

At least you manage to salvage all those photos! Time to go print out some of them. :P

Jason said...

That's why I don't trust external HD at all.

pikey said...

i think all these worth more than yr USD76!!

I understand how u feel, as my travelmate memory card broke on our trip to Beijing.. our pics... haiz