Wednesday, May 20, 2015

On putting on the (gender - based) thinking cap

So my colleague is doing some renovation to the new house her husband and herself just bought. And she's been super busy with the interior designer, cracking her head on the tiniest thing in the house.  From normal tile vs marble tiles, to sinking basin vs fit in basin and even the cabinet in the living room! I'm amazed how a person would actually be so detailed in home deco.

What happened today at work...

Colleague: do u think this is better? Or this one? (Showed me the 2 designs she had on the pc screen)

Me: I don't think there's much difference. But perhaps you would want the second one.

Colleague: I think so too. Looks more modern...but why do you say so?

Me: As the potential housewife in the future... when you mop the floor... it's easier to have more space underneath the cabinet. You don't spoil it if it's made of wood.

Colleague: 鸡蛋糕。like that also you can think of.

Me: *grinning proudly*

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Small Kucing said... no need mope floor. just get one of those robot thingy to do. but with less corner...sure easier la. no need to move furnitures