Monday, August 04, 2014

On the Never Ending Debate: Israel Vs Palestine

I admit I had been ignorant. When our papers were flooded with news about Malaysian hoped for peace in the middle east, quoting something about a certain religion supporting the Palestinians and such, I was then so ignorant to the extend I refused to read anything about it.

Yes. So Malaysian passports doesn't allow us to enter Israel. But why?

The first video that I finally spent my time watching was this.

My first thought, "Gosh, no wonder the world is so angry at the blue-white flag."

But when I watched another video - where the start of the stories goes way before WWI - it was another story.

And my second thought, "So that explains why the peace talks never succeeded."

So now what?

Perhaps this is the most neutral I've came across, although most likely it's gonna be deemed biased by some.

Can I just say it's a whole miscommunications that need to be settled on the round-table without ANYONE raising their voice?


Human nature doesn't seem to allow that.

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