Monday, July 21, 2014

On the Tribute to #MH17

In the wake of the recent mishap, Medie wishes to express his deepest condolences to all the family and friends of the victims. It was indeed a tough time, to even accept  that it happened.

Le sis's close friend was apparently returning from Amsterdam with her elder sister and her nephew, and the following morning after the mishap, Le sis was seen crying on a few occasions. I couldn't entirely understand the feeling of losing someone so dear, but she was indeed a very dear friend. She is known to the entire family, and she actually took our family portrait in KLIA1 2 years ago when Le brother was in a hurry to catch a flight. That family portrait now hangs in our living room. It hurts so much to think that a such a bubbly girl would fall victim to this... this... mishap. I don't want to join in the rat race of finger-pointing, innocent lives were lost here.

I wanted so much that justice would be served. But with the tough times ahead, indeed it seemed difficult.

I read some Facebook post when faith is lost. Where is God at this time of trouble? Why these beautiful peoples? Why?

I'm terribly disappointed that there are still people making ignorant remarks. MAS should know better and not fly over war-zones. Korean Air, Asiana and likes avoided Ukrainian airspace since several months ago. And when SIA reassured her passengers they didn't fly over Ukrainian airspace, albeit at quite an insensitive tone, there were people who criticized them for wanting to cover-ass. Like, seriously? F*ckin seriously?

I hurt the feelings of a dear friend when I made a remark that, being in the shoes of having someone lost in such "mishaps", would have not been understood by someone who is not; Little did I know, this dear friend of mine lost someone in the major world event where 2 towers collapsed. I may have lost my sensitivity when I am mourning. And I am terribly sorry for that.

But as of now, all I'm wishing for, is for a peaceful closure. No more war please. No more boycott. No more complains. No more critics. Just f*ckin please, no more.

Then again, I think my plead, though

probably shared by some, would most likely fall on deaf ears. Look at the state of the world today, did I actually had a concussion or something? World peace? Seriously? I must be joking.

So therefore, while there are still family and friends who is struggling to continue living, lets hope that the world continue spinning, and we shall all grow together. #ChinUpMAS.

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Gratitude said...

If we remind ourselves that people react differently to situations, then we would be more accepting of whatever logical or illogical reasoning that is revealed and shared, and hopefully choose to dwell in the positive-side of the situation(s).
Take good care.