Wednesday, March 12, 2014

On What We Did Last September

It was the Malaysia day weekend. Sarawak state government decided to have a river parade in conjunction with the celebration. And I had my leave approved then. Therefore I was home accompanying Le Parents. Le Sis, Le Soulmate and Le Buddy flew in as well. And I decided we should all be a tourist in our own city. Ta-daa... There we were, sitting on that cruise, going down the muddy river... It's quite a good experience so to speak. Pretty much the same as of what I had in Budapest, Bangkok and Saigon. Le Parents were of course, beaming all the way. I bet they hadn't been on it despite being here all their lives. Then again, Le Dad being Le Dad, he HAD to say he grew up taking small boats to the city. Meh. But still. I heart him.

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like you's a good experience