Wednesday, March 05, 2014

On the Doraemon Festa!

I actually have no idea what's the buzz about this cartoon character. I mean, I grew up watching the cartoon, but well... I gotta say these days, with work and all, I am pretty detached. But as the "other" buddy is a huge fan of this blue robot, we decided to pay the expo some visit. Therefore, one fine weekend, we got our butts amidst the rows of those blue robots.

My personal impression?

Yeah... it's pretty fun I guess... I just didn't have the passion to read all the description for all the different gadgets.


We arrived at 1130, we left at 1215. LMAO!

But really, kudos for the good effort!

2 Jujus:

Ng Zhe Theng said...

Haha, it is really "walk horse see flower"..., i went there before with my gang, aiyoh, I tell you, my doraemon fever gang stayed there for more than 4 hours, take pictures with almost all the doraemonsss, and finally I couldn't take it and collapse alone at one corner.:D

TZ said...

Doraemon is not my cup of tea but interesting enough how people crazy on this cartoon :p