Thursday, September 19, 2013

On the First Exposure to Opera - Hungarian State Opera House

The front facade of the opera house that houses the Budapest Opera Ball, a society event dating back to 1886.

While walking down Andrássy út. in Budapest, it was recommended that visitors visit this one building located along the road, the neo-Renaissance Opera House. It was drizzling when I was there, and considering it was Monday and most museums were closed but the opera house were opening till later, I decided to buy my entrance which comes with a tour.

Above: The lobby
Below: One of the tour guides available

The tour was conducted in such a way that the tourists get to choose which language they want to follow the tour in. But of course, it's not one of those that comes with a device and an earphone. There's a proper human guide that brings you around, showing you the main hall, the little rooms, the back room, the rest rooms and sort.

Main hall was actually... jaw dropping. I entered the orchestra hall in KLCC once, and I was pretty impressed with the vastness of it. This one is probably 10x more grand than that in KLCC. The hall illuminates in gold plated walls/pillars. The ceiling was wainted with images of angels.

The chandelier was, according to the guide, only lowered to be cleaned once a year because it weighs near to a tonne if I dont' remember wrongly.

The other rooms of the Opera house were as if they were built for kings. Oh wait, they were. Floors were carpeted. Handrails were carved. Even the walls were padded. And the smoking room at the side of the building were intricately lined to the ceiling with wooden panels. Down the hallway, pillars were made from marble entirely.

Above: The hallway behind the hall, pillars made of marble.
Below: Prominent opera singers immortalized in paintings.

According to the guide, all the shows this year were sold out totally. And people have already started to ask for the tickets for next year. Beat that!And I thought I was kiasu to start planning my holidays 2 months in advance. LOL 

And of course, we were entertained with a very short 3 minute live performance. Which was, equally as breath taking.

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