Sunday, August 04, 2013

On the Museum of Agriculture

Nothing described the disappointment when you're halfway across the globe in a new city, wanting to explore around on foot, only to have the spirit dampen by drizzle. :(

the front gate of the 'castle'

But that was what happened when I was in Budapest. I arrived by noon, decided to explore the Northern quarter where the Heroes Square was and further where I thought I saw a museum in the map.

the chapel

From across the lake, which if I didn't remember wrongly, was frozen into an ice skating rink, you could see this very oddly architectured structure. It was an ensamble of every possible style out there.

the main building of the museum

In view it was a Monday, the museum itself was closed. Awwwww. :( So I just had to walk around within the compound and amuse myself. Nonetheless, I thought the bizzare ensamble of the diverse architectural style actually came out quite nicely indeed.

Psst, but of course... I didn't think I would make it for a second visit, since it is after all... about agriculture. LOL