Friday, July 05, 2013

On the Abandoned Building

On the way back to Prague, we came across this abandoned building next to the railway station. Like I said, it's like a dead town in Kutna Hora. Seemed like people moved to the big city to make a living... But yeah, looking at that 4 storey building in the photo, I can't help wondering it's an abandoned warehouse; and millions of ideas came into mind.

I could turn it into a hospital! Each window = a bed.

I could also turn it into a big dance club! Wooohoo!

Or maybe a boutique hotel!

It still looks quite new and functional. But totally abandoned. Quite depressing if you ask me.

3 Jujus:

TZ said...

Lots of this kind of building in KL too... :p
The different is in KL the building going to collapse.

Twilight Man said...

They looked like haunted places!

Small Kucing said...

maybe have ghost there :p