Friday, June 07, 2013

On the Dancing House

The Dancing House or Fred and Ginger is the nickname given to the Nationale-Nederlanden building in Prague, Czech Republic, at Rašínovo nábřeží (Rašín's riverbank). It was designed by the Croatian-Czech architect Vlado Milunić in co-operation with the renowned Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry on a vacant riverfront plot. The building was designed in 1992 and completed in 1996. The very non-traditional design was controversial at the time because the house stands out among the Baroque, Gothic and Art Nouveau buildings for which Prague is famous and in the opinion of some it does not accord well with these architectural styles. The then Czech president, Václav Havel, who lived for decades next to the site, had avidly supported this project, hoping that the building would become a center of cultural activity. - Wikipedia

So, when I told my brother I wanted to go see the strange building, he chuckled and said, there's nothing to be seen there. It's just a weird building! But I refused to believe him, so I took a long detour and walked down the road to see the building anyway.

2 minutes later, I turned around and continued to the metro line to the next destination. LMAO.

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Twilight Man said...

The building looked like a tumour! Was the architect sick or nuts?