Tuesday, May 28, 2013

On the Overnight Train to Prague

2 nights in Warsaw and 3 nights in Krakow later, I finally made my way to meet up with the brother. Reserved an overnight train to Prague that was to depart from Krakow at midnight. Having all the malls closed, I stayed in the hostel till about 1 hour before departure. It was cold. Not snowing, thank God.

On the journey to Prague, I shared the same cubicle as two Japanese travelers who had very limited command of English. It was fun trying to gauge them into a conversation, and it was clear that they too, wanted to chat. But with the language barrier and all, it was pretty difficult. They were, from what I gather, post graduate students in engineering, aged 29 and 32 respectively. And they were on a 2 week traveling schedule.

The major shopping mall in Krakow

The interesting thing was, their itinerary was so tight that I swear I would collapse in just 2 days. I wouldn't enjoy how they travel (and hence why I lengthen my stay in Warsaw and Krakow, which of course, increased the expenses indirectly.) But yeah, if you wanted to know, they sleep in overnight trains, they shower in public toilets, and they don't book hotel. So, they arrive in Prague in the morning, and spend about 8 hours in the historical center, then board the night train again to Germany. I was like, whoa... Are you serious!

It was 1oC that night...

Nope, they were not. So within a span of 2 weeks, their itinerary included Warsaw - Krakow - Prague - Munich - Berlin - Cologne - Amsterdam - Brussels - Paris - London - Paris -  Lyon - Bern - Zurich - Milan - Florence - Rome. I'm in awe. Hardcore backpackers they are... LOL

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