Monday, May 20, 2013

On the Church of St Aldabert

Here comes the series of Churches in Krakow. YAY! LOL.

The Church of St. Adalbert or Church of St. Wojciech, located to the side of the Main Market Square in Old Town, Krak√≥w, is one of the oldest stone churches in Poland. Its almost one thousand year old history goes back to the beginning of the Polish Romanesque architecture of the early Middle Ages. 

The small church - Church of St. Aldabert.


The main altar in the church

The dome

Statue of Jesus on the left corner in the church

Father and son on the right corner in the church

The Royal Chamber of Orchestra performing in the church

Angelic carving on the upper left corner of the altar

The madona and child painting with gold-tinted crown on the altar

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