Sunday, April 21, 2013

On Leaving Warsaw in the Snow

On the second day in Warsaw, it remained snowing. Upon peeking out of the window, one could see about 10 cm of snow coating the roof tops of the other buildings. And the sky were all gloomy in the shades of grey. No wonder my brother said "Winter is depressing." LOL

As much as I had wanted to stay longer in Warsaw, I actually paid to cancel my booking of another hotel in another city because I double booked my nights. Couldn't possibly split myself, and with the flight delay in Paris, I had no choice but to stay another night in Warsaw...

But after the whole day of walking in sub-zero temperature the day before, I thought it would perhaps be best I moved on. After all, with the advice from the free guide, I thought I've pretty much seen the city. (As if! I hadn't even tried their milk bar!!)

So, with that 18kg of backpack carrying useless short sleeves and shorts, I braved the cold to walk 10 minutes to Warsawa Centralna i.e. the train station.

And... I had an encounter.

Warsaw is deemed to be safe. Well that was as far as I was told, as long as you stayed on this side of the river in the old city area. However, vandalism is rampant. The walls were 'beautifully' turned into 'canvas'. Having said that, not all the buildings in the city are occupied. Or at least they didn't appear to me that way.

And at 8 in the morning, even when the sky is bright enough for one to read, the street was practically empty. There are some workers shoveling the snow off the walkway, and others spreading on salt. But generally, the streets were quiet. (Because many drives rather than taking the public transport).

Halfway from my hostel to the central station, I passed by a few alleyways like that in the photo. And suddenly there came a guy walking just right next to me.

Him: Hello. You speak English?

Me: Hi... yeah... 

Him: Where are you going?

Me: The train station. 

Him: I see. You must be from far east. I see you carrying this very heavy bag. 

Me: Yes I do. Can I help you?

Him: Na nah... I'm just a bit drunk. But I think you are special. Here we seldom see people like you. I want to talk to you.

Me: Hmm. Well I'm heading to the train station, I have a train to catch.

Him: Sure... I walk together!

And so, we were walking together, making small talks. About the crazy weather, about him feeling cold because his feet were all wet, and him having to struggle a lot to speak in English because he was drunk...

But the classic was that, at the junction one block away from the train station...

Him: What time is your train?

Me: Not sure, the next one available.

Him: But it's cold. You want to come up to my place? We can heat up in front the fire place. Then only you go to the train.

Me: *Speechless*

But of course, I didn't follow him back to his place. We parted ways and I walked on. Got me wondering, what's with him inviting a stranger up to his place? Was he drunk? Was he not afraid that I'm some robber? Or was he trying to rob/kidnap me?

Till this day though, I still wonder what would happen if I didn't walk on...

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Twilight Man said...

The snow looked pretty and nice! You were like an aunty lugging such a heavy bag!!!! I went to Shanghai with 19kg big bag for 2 persons. I can imagine how you suffered when you cannot wheel it on the snow.

That guy must be a faggot infested with rabies. Thank goodness you are safe.

Small Kucing said...

me chicken...will run 10 street away if the guy approach me like that

Medie007 said...

@twilight, i know! sigh... bring too many clothings that i don't even need...

but the guy seems drunk... did i mention he has alcoholic smell? :D