Monday, February 18, 2013

On the Meeting Up with Old Mates (1)

Since it's CNY and I'm back for a week, I thought perhaps we could at least hang out and have a meal or something. It has been after all, 7 years or so, since we last left secondary school. I'm sure there's a lot to catch up on; who's married with kids, who's divorced, who's what specialists now, who's where and how and what nots.

Thing is, well, I guess it's me. I didn't take any effort in asking the boys out until the night on the 2nd day of CNY when the class monitor actually texted and asked if I wanna join the house visiting. So I replied "Not sure I can join you all for visiting, but sure I'm more than happy for you guys to come visit. Just let me know in advance."

The next day, I waited... and waited...

And waited.

No SMS-es. No Whatsapp messages. No calls.

I decided to forget about it, and didn't even bothered to ask if they're visiting. Turned out later that night, I saw photos of their visits on Facebook.

Thinking about it, I mean, yes, I should've initiated something, like, ask if anyone wanna meetup or anything. Or be actively involved in all their meetups and all. I was the one who chose to be anti-social, and reluctant and wait for people to come looking for me. So who am I to complain right?

But then, a part of me thought, we do have this 'high school syndrome' like the American teenagers after all. The time when were are all teenagers and hormones alter our emotions, and everyday seemed to be bad-hair day and all. I was after all, the fat kid who's not really that all smart. And I don't have any close friends, and the ones I regarded as my close friends didn't think so of me. So what's there to like of secondary school?

I was a bit down. But I suppose there's nothing to be sad about it all. We moved on. We're all living different lives, in different parts of the world. If there's chance we shall meet. Although, it all boils down to initiative. I shouldn't expect anyone to initiate if I wasn't at all interested.

So...if any of you are reading this, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be egoistic (I'm quite sure a number of you thought that way of myself.) I just wasn't that all outgoing. I wish you well. And it's CNY. Between family and friends, you know who comes first in my life.

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khailing said...

heyyy we didnt give up on u even after 8 years ok!! sorry didnt get to visit you coz we booked karaoke in advance and were running short of time. see u next year hahaha.

Twilight Man said...

What a bunch of heartless friends you have! Well you need to keep close touch with them always otherwise I would also disappear from thin air.

Anonymous said...

I had this CNY house visiting with some 14 friends too... A friend of mine was upset that she wasn't invited... So I understand how you feel. There's always next year, give yourself a chance to give everyone another chance :)

Ng Zhe Theng said...

Cheer Up Medie:) There is always next year CNY.

You are not forgotten by the bloggers- I am still reading ur updates/posts everyday.

Ganbatte ne:)

TZ said...

I'm looking forward to my high school reunion next Saturday... some of my school mate i haven't met since we left school. (25 years ago). Oops... i'm that old already.

Anyway, Medie; organize the reunion next year eh~