Monday, January 28, 2013

On Trailing Beijing #14: Olympic Park

Having had hosted one of the most grand Olympic and left impression of how great an opening ceremony can be, the Olympic Park in Beijing looked somewhat underutilized nowadays. I mean, it is understood that it's built for the world sports event, but well... Other than having an indoor waterpark that is closed now, and 3D museum underneath the Bird's Nest, the whole complex was basically left for leisure hangout for the locals.

Okay, well, there are some 2-wheel rides for those who are interested inside the bird's nest.

And perhaps there are some other sports meets here that is not known to us.

But I can see why it's said to have hosted the best Olympic opening ceremony in history.

It's just... majestic.

The water cube on the otherhand, has been turned into a public pool; with occasional swimming meets.


And that marked the end of my excursion to Beijing.

To revisit? Maybe after I've done the rest of the world. HAHA.

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