Thursday, January 03, 2013

On the Second day of New Year

Friends on my Facebook would've seen the photo I posted yesterday. For a while I'd have thought I was in some land far away where the bartender is not Asian but rather, some caucasian girl. And this morning, I woke up to the worst day ever a person could start with.

It was 430am when the alarm on my phone rang. I just switched it off knowing that there'll be another one at 515am, and 530am and 545am.

Horror ensued when I suddenly wake up, realizing it seemed so long that the alarm didn't even ring. And it was a freaking 735am!

I jumped out of bed screaming 'fuck', put on my clothes screaming 'fuck' under my breath, and dashed out to the road trying frantically to get a cab. Bus would've been practically impossible now that I was supposed to be at the hospital at fuckin' 7 am! I cursed under my breath that I'd be doomed. 3rd month into Surgery and just a few more steps into finishing this housemanship, definitely would not want any reason for anybody to fail my posting. I practically 'fuck'-ed under my breath all the way for 20 whole minutes, imagining the worst that could ever happen.

And I dashed into the clinic to find another colleague there, claiming he got the call from the clinic to run the clinic. Only God knew how relieved I was to have my ass covered for that one hour while I was 'fuck'in my breath away...

What a way to start the year...

2 Jujus:

Tempus said...

So motivating!


TZ said...

Oops... Luckily you are having some lucky stars shining on you.